Literary Arts

this is how you walk on the moon

Organised by: Ethos Books
  • Date:
    5 Nov 2016
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  • Venue:
    The Arts House, Gallery II
    The Arts House, Gallery IIThe Arts House, Gallery II
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Looking for strategies to cope with existing under an omniscient narrator? Keen to optimise your interactions with ancient deities? Perhaps you're a star in a corner of the Milky Way with a penchant for human-gazing, or even a young girl confronting the disturbingly solid spectre of her ethnic identity...

this is how you walk on the moon is a practical field guide to the vagaries of our contemporary universe; a handbook for navigating the sublime, the subjective, and the inexplicable. Collected in this anthology are 25 previously unpublished short stories from award-winners and newcomers alike—fictions that declare the infinite permutations of reality, while exploring the rarity of human connection across all possible worlds. Come leap off the edge of all known existence with us, and let editors Patricia Karunungan, Samuel Caleb Wee, and Wong Wen Pu ease your landing into this bouquet of prose at the Singapore Writers Festival 2016.

this is how you walk on the moon