[Review] 在四马路的表面底下 Thoughts

[Review] 在四马路的表面底下

22 Apr 2018 在缤纷有趣的外表之下,我发现《四马路》的整体空间结构是凌散的,故事与故事之间似乎没有特定剧情逻辑、时间顺序或空间上的连接。从实践剧场的黑箱剧场开始,穿过巷子,上楼,下楼,又上楼,下楼。我们的行走路线有往前,也有回头,还有交错。这些路线把四马路的空间划开成多个块状,似乎呈现着一种空间断裂的状态。

[Review] Lemons introduces us to a young and novel fringe idea

16 Apr 2018 We are no strangers to abbreviating words, phrases or sentences with the advent of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat... So if the issue here is not about the number of words (140), then what is?

[Review] In Her Hands: 慈母手中线 X 生机出笔端

10 Apr 2018 The short performance starts with Chin Huat pedalling a traditional sewing machine, weaving a blanket, weaving his story. The whirring of the wheel, squeaks at the joints all sound strangely ...

[Review] Cut! Kafka does not need a happy ending

26 Mar 2018 What greets us when we enter the studio is a rectangular open space, flanked by audience seats on all four sides. The idea of an open space in a blackbox theatre is not uncommon, and is often welcomed, symbolising the...



  • Virgin Apple

    Visual Arts 11 - 25 May 2018 Virgin Apple is a first solo show of self-taught Korean artist Hannami Kim. She explores landscape, minimalism, feminism and subtle...
    NPE Art Gallery, 39 Kallang Place, Singapore 339169NPE Art Gallery, 39 Kallang Place, Singapore 339169
  • 12Stage Productions Presents: People

    Theatre 18 - 19 May 2018 This year, we are coming back with People by Joel Tan, featuring the stories of 15 different characters who are situated at different intersections of life...
    10 Square (Auditorium), Orchard Central10 Square (Auditorium), Orchard Central
  • Evocation 2018: The Art of Giving

    Music 2 Jun 2018 Evocation: The Art of Giving is an annual concert series by EVOKX that seeks to engage youths in community...
    School Of The Arts (SOTA) Concert HallSchool Of The Arts (SOTA) Concert Hall

    Dance 10 - 12 May 2018 ATOLL will be a completely original, thought-provoking new work that will entice and challenge the audience by presenting them with...
    ITE Central College, Black Box TheatreITE Central College, Black Box Theatre


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