Interview with Jereh Leung - A Journey of Liberation Backstage

Interview with Jereh Leung - A Journey of Liberation

11 Jul 2021 10 Daughters, by performing artist Jereh Leung, is an interdisciplinary presentation weaving installation, sound, lighting and live performance. The work brings together personal narratives, fiction and impressions from Jereh's memories of growing up in the 80s and 90s. It is part...

[Review] The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets: The Locked Island Country and the Window of the World

1 Jul 2021 This article would propose 'windows of the world in the locked room' as three layers of Killer Secrets under the global pandemic: the 'national window' within the script, the cross-platform online 'medium window', and the 'diplomatic window' of cross-community...


30 Jun 2021 本文将提出「密室中的世界之窗」概念,尝试阐述《她门的秘密》在疫情时代下,三个有关「窗户」的层次:剧本内部的国家之窗、跨平台的线上媒介之窗、跨社群连线结盟的外交之窗。

[Review] Checking into a new medium

9 May 2021 I must say I was quite surprised to receive a hardcopy literature from Checkpoint Theatre. I thought, is this a foray into alternative storytelling in response to the new normal of Covid-19? As much as I scorn the trending term ‘new...



  • Concordia Quartet - Soaring with the Wind

    Music 19, 20 Oct 2021 Concordia Quartet invites you to a dance of the soul, featuring the only clarinet quintet Mozart ever composed, and Grieg's...
    Victoria Concert HallVictoria Concert Hall
  • Concave Summit 2021: Shifting Mindsets in Sustainability & Social Impact

    Talk/Workshop 23 Sep 2021 Concave Summit is an independent summit exploring the convergence of Sustainability & Social Impact with Technology, through the lens of...
    Online (Livestreamed from White House City London)Online (Livestreamed from White House City London)
  • Etching Class: Soft Ground

    Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop 17 Sep - 29 Oct 2021 Immerse in the process of creating multiple grainy and textured prints from soft ground etching using our in-house French etching...
    STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery, 41 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238236STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery, 41 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238236
  • Afterlude – Prelude: Responses to Nam June Paik

    Theatre, Music, Literary Arts, Film, Visual Arts 17 - 19 Sep 2021 Prompted by Nam June Paik's global satellite projects and the surge in remote communication due to the Covid-19 pandemic this...
    Online - National Gallery Singapore Facebook and SFMoMa's pageOnline - National Gallery Singapore Facebook and SFMoMa's page


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