Storytelling through Creative Improvisation (Parent-Child Workshop)

Organised by: Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay
Performed by: Ta Lent Show Theatre (Thailand)
  • Date:
    2 Jun 2024
  • Time:
  • Duration:
    1hr 15mins
  • Venue:
    Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
    Esplanade Rehearsal StudioEsplanade Rehearsal Studio
  • Language:
  • Admission:
    Standard Ticket: $18
    Children must be accompanied by at least one adult.
    Tickets must be purchased as a parent-child package (at least 1 adult + 1 child or 1 adult + 2 children or 2 adults + 1 child).
    Each attendee requires one ticket.

  • Advisory:
    Admission age: 6 and above.


Get ready to unleash your imagination as you use your body to sculpt lines, shapes and characters, in the service of storytelling. This parent-child workshop encourages participants to observe the world around them with fresh eyes and to discover new ways to play and move.

Through guided activities and games that allow for self-expression, rediscover the different facets of your loved ones as you spend quality time together. This workshop requires no materials, preparation or experience but participants are advised to dress comfortably and to be ready for physical activity.

Ta Lent Show Theatre

Ta Lent Show Theatre was established in 2020 amidst the pandemic by Ta Nuttapol Kummata, a renowned mime artist from Thailand. He developed, nurtured, and expanded the Ta Lent Show Theatre with young artist, May Nattaporn Thanhahuad.

Ta Nuttapol Kummata

Ta studied pantomime when he was 20 years old with Paitoon Laisakul, the founder of Kon Na Khao, a Thai pantomime group.

In 1999, Ta co-founded the new trio pantomime group Babymime, which has since become well-known in Thailand. They have performed in many countries around the world such as Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Sweden and Scotland. Since then, Ta has consistently performed pantomimes for over 20 years. He was awarded Best Performance by a Male Artist for Noname at Bangkok Theatre Festival in 2017, and later Best Performance for Children and Youth for PUPPETOMIME at Bangkok Theatre Festival in 2018.

In 2020, Ta left Babymime to pursue his career as a solo artist with the moniker Ta Lent Show.

May Nattaporn Thanhahuad

May graduated as a film major, but also holds interest in performance, especially pantomime.

May started working with Ta in 2020 during the pandemic. She supports the shooting and editing process for their online festival. After the pandemic, she started performing pantomime on stage with Ta in Lady&Gentle Mime. She still collaborates with Jae and Ta in the group named Puppetomime, which has participated in Pesta Boneka, Indonesia in 2022. Presently, she still works on pantomime and object theatre.

Storytelling through Creative Improvisation (Parent-Child Workshop)