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Young Children’s Concert 2024: Karung Guni Boy

Organised by: Singapore Chinese Orchestra
  • Date:
    17, 18 May 2024
  • Time:
    17 May: 10:30am
    18 May: 11:00am
  • Duration:
    1h 30min
  • Venue:
    SCO Concert Hall
    SCO Concert HallSCO Concert Hall
  • Admission:
    $20 - $30
  • Advisory:
    Suitable for age 2 and above.


What's that loud horn coming from downstairs? Oh, it's the Karang Guni (rag and bone) man who collects old items and recyclables! I wonder what story does he have?

Join Guest Conductor Lien Boon Hua on a meaningful journey to uncover stories about the "Karung Guni Boy", written by Lorraine Tan and illustrated by Eric Wong. Fuelled by his inventive spirit, watch as Ming collects materials from his neighbours to build a remarkable machine! Join us on this fun-filled musical adventure and learn more about sustainability!

*The concert is suitable for children 4 years and above. Children 2 years and above require a ticket.

*Pre-concert activity happening on 18 May only, FREE for ticket holders.

Young Children’s Concert 2024: Karung Guni Boy