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Compassion: Chamber Music Series

Organised by: Arts House Limited
Performed by: Various Artists
  • Date:
    16 - 26 May 2021
  • Time:
    Various Timings
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Various Locations
    Various LocationsVarious Locations
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  • Admission:
    From $15. More details on the website,


Eight concerts. Four centuries of music. One desire to find healing and hope through music.

Amidst collective suffering, how can humanity search for a way forward, not just in ourselves, but in each other? Inspired by our collective experience from the depths of crisis and lockdown, the Compassion Chamber Music Series brings together some of Singapore's finest musicians to explore music as a means of finding solace and bringing people together across divides.

Spanning almost four centuries of music, from Bach to David T. Little, by way of Chopin, Poulenc, Mahler, Penderecki, Shostakovich, Britten, Takemitsu, Saariaho, Glass and others, this heart-warming series of concerts invites you to find healing and hope through music.


1. Ghosts of Yesteryear, 20 May, 7.30pm

2. Healing Rhapsody 回疫录, 26 May, 7.30pm

3. Nature of Daylight, 23 May, 5pm

4. Echoes of Fire and Water, 23 May, 3pm & 6pm

5. Alone Together, 22 May, 7.30pm

6. Before Life and After, 21 May, 7.30pm

7. The Consoler, 19 May, 7.30pm

8. Be Comforted Now: Bach Cantatas, 16 May, 5pm

Compassion: Chamber Music Series