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A Song for Louis

Organised by: Arts House Limited
Performed by: Various Artists
  • Date:
    14 May, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Jun 2021
  • Time:
    14 May, Fri, 6:00pm, 9:00pm

    Video-on-Demand (VOD):
    5 - 12 Jun

  • Duration:
    1h 15min
  • Venue:
    Victoria Theatre / Video-on-Demand
    Victoria Theatre / Video-on-DemandVictoria Theatre / Video-on-Demand
  • Admission:
    From $58. More info on website.
  • Advisory:
    Advisories and Ratings can be found on the website.


Celebrating the life and legacy of local jazz icon Louis Soliano, musical guests from Singapore's jazz community come together to perform a song for Louis in this heart-warming concert.
Cultural Medallion winner and jazz icon Louis Soliano has dedicated a lifetime to entertaining, enthralling and enriching others with his musicianship and stage craft. A vital part of Singapore's jazz scene, Soliano's musical journey runs alongside the history of Singapore's jazz scene, touching countless audiences, and inspiring many musicians along the way.

Now, the Singapore jazz community comes together to perform A Song for Louis – an expression of their gratitude and admiration for his musical kinship and gifts. Each musical guest will select and perform a song that tells a story of their appreciation for the man of the evening.

Don't miss this intimate, joyful performance by some of the luminaries of Singapore's jazz scene – one that will delight jazz fans and new audiences alike!

A Song for Louis