The Musicians’ Choice: Summer Night concert

Organised by: Singapore Chinese Orchestra
  • Date:
    11 - 18 Apr 2021
  • Time:
    On-site: 11 Apr, 4:00pm
    Digital Concert Video: Available for unlimited playback on SISTIC till 18 Apr, 8:00pm
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Singapore Chinese Orchestra Hall, Singapore Conference Hall (Lv 2)
    Singapore Chinese Orchestra Hall, Singapore Conference Hall (Lv 2)Singapore Chinese Orchestra Hall, Singapore Conference Hall (Lv 2)
  • Language:
    English / Chinese
  • Admission:
    Live concert Pass - $20, $28
    Digital concert Pass - $15
  • Advisory:
    All ages are welcome, kids friendly


What would you do on a sweltering summer day? SCO brings you a rejuvenating breath of air in "The Musicians' Choice: Summer Night", where chamber music pieces hand-picked by the musicians showcase the charms and characteristics of individual instruments. The lighter textures and easygoing style of chamber music make for easy listening and a blithe mood. SCO Associate Conductor Moses Gay will pull out all the stops, so join us for a session of refreshing music-making!



Summer Night 《夏之夜》 | Composed by Peng Xiuwen

The Encounter of Passion and Indifference 《热情与冷漠的邂逅》 | Composed by Li Bochan, Adapted by Wang Chenwei

Dizi: Lin Sin Yeo, Lee Jun Cheng

Basically Bass 《纯属低音》 | Arranged by Lim Kiong Pin

Zhongruan: Han Ying, Huang Guifang

Daruan: Ngeow Si Ming, Jonathan

Diyin Guan: Zhang Shuo

Diyin Suona: Liu Jiang

Zhongyin Sheng: Cheng Ho Kwan Kevin

Diyin Sheng:Lim Kiong Pin

Cello: Tang Jia, Chen Ying Guang Helen, Poh Yee Luh

Double Bass: Lee Khiang

Drumset: Boo Chong Wei Benjamin

Storytellers on 'Ann Siang Road'《安祥路上的说书人》| Composed by Phang Kok Jun

Erhu Duet:Ling Hock Siang, She Ling

Yangqin:Ma Huan

Zhongruan:Han Ying

Percussion:Boo Chong Wei Benjamin, Wu Xiangyang

Pipa:Zhang Yin

Sanxian:Huang Guifang

The Phoenix Spreads its Wings 《凤凰展翅》| Composed by Hu Tianquan, Dong Hongde

Sheng Soloist: Guo Changsuo

Yangqin:Ma Huan

Pipa:Zhang Yin

Zhongruan:Han Ying

Cello:Poh Yee Luh

Squabbling Duck 《鸭子拌嘴》 | Composed by An Zhishun

Xiaobo: Boo Chong Wei Benjamin

Dabo: Ngoh Kheng Seng

Muyu: Wu Xiangyang

Zhongyinluo: Moses Gay

Maobo: Lee Jun Cheng

Shuangyin Yunluo: Seetoh Poh Lam

Axi People Dancing Under the Moon《阿细跳月》| Arranged by Peng Xiuwen

The Musicians’ Choice: Summer Night concert