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The Music of Checkpoint Theatre [Digital Stream]

Organised by: Checkpoint Theatre
  • Date:
    29 Apr - 9 May 2021
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At the centre of everything we do, there is a song. The heartbeat of the city is imprinted in the rhythm of our steps, underscoring the tapping of our fingers. And now, after nearly two decades of telling original Singapore stories, we present our first digital concert The Music of Checkpoint Theatre.

Listen to seven enchanting new arrangements of songs from the Checkpoint Theatre songbook, now reimagined by Associate Artist weish, with the accompaniment of a dazzling nine-piece band. From FRAGO's "Purple Light" to the never-before-seen finale of Huzir Sulaiman's sequel to Atomic Jaya, we bring you beloved Checkpoint classics as you've never heard them before. And trust us, you'll want to.

Directed by Huzir Sulaiman and James Khoo, The Music of Checkpoint Theatre stirs up memories, fuels the imagination, and ignites hope. With sensitivity and soul, experience this 30-minute video concert that will have you humming under your breath for weeks after.

The Music of Checkpoint Theatre Live Watch Party will be held on Wed 5 May 8pm @ The Projector. Ticketing details available on the Checkpoint Theatre website.

The Music of Checkpoint Theatre [Digital Stream]