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Strike! Digital Festival

Organised by: Patch and Punnet, The Second Breakfast Company, Bound Theatre, Impromptu Meetings, Runaway Co, Spacebar Theatre, Attempts
  • Date:
    21 Apr - 2 May 2021
  • Venue:


Strike! Digital Festival - Singapore's first digital theatre festival will be taking place 21 Apr - 2 May 2021. Strike! is hosted on instant messaging app Telegram, with links to each individual show that will happen on various online platforms. This festival is a collective response to a highly disrupted arts industry and we hope that this ground-up collaboration will keep the arts going, and keep audiences engaged with fresh, locally produced art.

Strike! brings you the works of 7 Indie Theatre Groups in Singapore, spanning across digital platforms like Youtube, TikTok and IGLive. Look out for works by Attempts, Bound Theatre, Impromptu Meetings, Patch & Punnet, Spacebar Theatre, The Runaway Company and The Second Breakfast Company.

For full programme and synopses, follow Strike! on Instagram.

Strike! Digital Festival