Organised by: Lim Lee Lee
Performed by: Lim Lee Lee, Stephanie Fam, Victor Tan and Harmony Community Choir
  • Date:
    8 - 17 Apr 2021
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Online (Peatix Live)
    Online (Peatix Live)Online (Peatix Live)
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A 'sword' fight. A Ferrari wheelchair. Wires that take on a life of their own. Harmonies of hope.

Part documentary, part theatrical monologue, Perspectives is a digital exploration about life as Singaporeans with disabilities. Director Peggy Ferroa weaves a narrative of adventures and experiences living with difference.


When Paths Cross – A Monologue by Lim Lee Lee
A blind woman crosses paths – and canes – with an angry man. Should she flee or fight, or can she do more for others?

Wired on Art – Thoughts on Art Making and Life
Visual artist Victor Tan has exhibited all over the world but finds home in a little art studio off Telok Kurau. He shares his thoughts on how sculpting with wire helps him re-examine relationships people have with each other.

A Chair is Still A Chair – A Monologue by Stephanie Esther Fam
What happens when a woman is given a new wheelchair but doesn't quite connect with it?

See the world through the eyes of a blind woman, take a walk in the shoes of a wheelchair user, and learn how disability brings new perspectives to artmaking. These three stories will set you thinking about who we are as people, in all our wonderous diversity.

'Perspectives' is a disability-led film. The film is audio described and captioned, and suitable for viewers with low vision and the D/eaf and hard-of-hearing