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Pathey Nimidam – 10-minute Tamil plays in collaboration with RDG

Organised by: Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
Performed by: RDG
  • Date:
    20 - 29 Nov 2020
  • Time:
    Premieres on 20 Nov, Fri, 8:00pm
    (Available online until 29 Nov, Sun, 11:59pm)
  • Duration:
    1h 30min
  • Venue:
  • Language:
    Performed in Tamil, with English subtitles.
  • Admission:
    Esplanade&Me Specials
    $5 off for Esplanade&Me Black, White and Discover members
  • Advisory:
    Locker Room God and THE REUNION contain some mature content and coarse language. Recommended for 16 years and above.


RDG's annual Tamil 10-minute play festival Pathey Nimidam was founded in 2013 by festival director and theatre practitioner, Hemang Yadav. It involves the participation of numerous Tamil and non-Tamil theatre practitioners – directors, playwrights and actors – in the creation of diverse works wrought from mutual respect and cultural exchange. For the first time, the 7th edition of Pathey Nimidam is presented at Kalaa Utsavam – Indian Festival of Arts. This edition's nine narratives deal with different subject matter, but all highlight issues close to our hearts. Directors of all the 9 plays collaborated with K. Rajagopal, a film maker, to film the plays for digital premiere.

2+2 - If you truly believe in something, would you vouch for it even when questioned? If someone asks you to affirm something you've known your entire life, will you do it?

Written by Gopal Datt
Adapted into Tamil by Karthikeyan Somasundaram & Uma Jayaraman
Directed by Shalaka Ranadive
Assistant Director: Niyati Pingali
Cast: Karthikeyan Somasundaram, Bipin Balakrishnan & Niyati Pingali

Alone - A mom-to-be finds herself in a 'spot' an entire night. Will she emerge triumphant?

Written, translated and directed by Uma Jayaraman
Cast: Yuvina Ram & Kalpana Jai Kumar

Blessings - A man who has just been stood up by the girl he wants to propose to discovers that some disappointments may be blessings in disguise.

Written and directed by Gillian Tan
Translated by Prasakthi d/o Allagoo
Language Assistance: Aruna Govind
Cast: David Puvan, Ahamed Ali Khan & Aruna Govind

Change Shift - Sonia needs to pick up her passport fast as her wedding in Tamil Nadu is tomorrow but Mr Goh needs to reach Tampines now for shift change. Will they both make it in time and what will they learn along the way?

Written by Jane Cafarella
Translated by Hasisha Nazir
Language assistance: Hasisha Nazir
Director: Susie Penrice Tyrie
Cast: Drake Lim, Hasisha Nazir & Punnoose

LIVE asks "What are some questions about life and death you would like answered before the angel of death invites you to the afterlife?"

Written and directed by Adi Jamaludin
Translated by Shanta Devi Sivanathan and Prasakthi d/o Allagoo
Language assistance: Hasisha Nazir
Cast: Hasisha Nazir & Aiswarya Nair

Locker Room God - A queer police officer seeks answers from God after their identity has been discovered at work.

Written by Aswani Aswath
Directed by Grace Kalaiselvi
Cast: Jaisilan Sathiasilan, Aditya Mazumdar & Shanjeevi
Voice-over by Grace Kalaiselvi

Sama Sama questions if the grass is really greener on the other side.

Written and directed by Xavier Kang
Translated by Aswani Aswath
Language assistance: Aswani Aswath
Cast: Pramila & Catherine Ho

THE REUNION finds two old friends reunited after many years. One spews callous comments while the other patiently waits for just the right moment for reprisal...

Written and directed by Dew M. Chaiyanara
Translated by Aswani Aswath
Language Assistance: Sajini
Cast: Sajini, Pramila, Sasikumar & Dew M. Chaiyanara

Watching the World Go By shares the struggles in a transnational woman's life.

Written, directed and performed by Grace Kalaiselvi

Pathey Nimidam – 10-minute Tamil plays in collaboration with RDG