Music, Visual Arts, Festival

Silver Linings

Organised by: Singapore Management University
Performed by: SMU Guitarissimo, SMU Chamber Choir, SMU Artdicted
  • Date:
    2 - 30 Oct 2020
  • Venue:
  • Admission:


SILVER LININGS showcases 2 digital projects where music informs visual arts, and visual arts complements and completes the storytelling. In STRINGS OF DREAMS, SMU Guitarissimo will present 3 Niibori guitar pieces, visualised by award-winning digital artist Race Krehel. Each piece captures a different phase experienced by people around the world during COVID-19. In THE DREAM KEEPER, SMU Chamber Choir and SMU Artdicted collaborate for the first time. Against the voices of SMU Chamber Choir, we see drawings by SMU Artdicted light up progressively on a digital night sky, each representing hope and loss felt by people during the pandemic.

This programme is part of A-PART, SMU Arts Festival 2020.

Silver Linings