Literary Arts, Open Call

FAL Poetry (Competition)

Organised by: Project Feed-A-Lot
  • Date:
    28 Aug - 25 Sep 2020


What is Project Feed-A-Lot?
Project Feed-A-Lot is a social initiative project pioneered by youth volunteers from Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes (YFC) and West Coast CC (YEC) to help raise funds for the food insecure population in Singapore through poetry, esports, other events and e-Commerce.

What is food insecurity?
Food insecurity refers to lack of physical and/or economic access to safe, nutritious food. The diet of a food insecure person puts them at higher risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiac disease, and other chronic illnesses, all of which rack up healthcare expenditures. Many Singaporeans are unaware that 4.1% of Singapore's population suffer from severe food insecurity. With Covid-19 increasing unemployment, there is an increase in benefactors but a decrease in funding.

Why should I join?

"Cheap food paradise
True to our hunger and thirst,
rice and soya sauce."

1. Poetry competition 2020 aims to raise awareness about food insecurity. By joining, you can discover more about the food insecurity and individuals impacted by this issue.

2. There are 3 cash prizes to be won per category, with an additional special prize for participants aged 7 to 12 years old!

Information you'll need:

1. Prompts of the competition [Choose one]:

a. Perishable(s): things, especially food items, likely to decay or go bad quickly.

b. Perilously Secure: a fragile sense of safety filled with potential loss * Poems need not include the phrase/word of the prompt, poems should be revolving around the theme of the prompt.

2. Age categories:

Category A: 16 years and below
Category B: 17 years and above

3. Submission: Date: 28 August 2020–25 September 2020, 2359
*To note that late submissions will be penalized in the judging scheme.

4. Rules and regulations

a. No plagiarism
b. No use of inappropriate language, eg. vulgarities, sexual language
c. Maximum of 200 words, with at least 90% in English. Foreign languages are to be translated in the footnotes
d. Entries must not be self-published, published on a website or made public on social media, broadcast or featured among the winners in another competition
e. A late penalty will be imposed for submissions beyond the deadline, and a maximum of 1 poem per prompt will be accepted.
f. All fonts and sizes, both photos and electronic documents eg. pdf will be accepted provided that it is legible.

*Any violation of rules will not be tolerated, submissions will not be considered.

FAL Poetry (Competition)