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Call for Interviews for Dance Calli

Organised by: 所谓诗社 Matter.less
  • Date:
    26 Jul - 7 Aug 2020
  • Venue:
  • Admission:
    We are looking to gather stories and experiences of dancers for our upcoming project - "Dance Calli". If you identify yourself as someone who moves//dances, or wish to discuss any of the issues mentioned in our synopsis, please register your interest at Your identity will be kept confidential if desired. We look forward to hearing your stories.


"Dance Calli" is an original podcast by literary collective Matter.Less, which aims to discuss narratives surrounding female youths and our journeys with regards to mental health and relationships, which are still largely under-represented in local literature and media. We will also be looking at these issues through dance (including forms of movement not commonly considered dance), as it is an art form intimately linked to body image - whether in terms of toxic ideals, hyper-sexualisation, or self-empowerment. It is also an environment where girls forge close bonds, and gendered interactions can be observed. We wish to listen to your stories to help us understand the unspoken realities of female adolescents.

Call for Interviews for Dance Calli