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LOVE: A HCAC Benefit Show

Organised by: Method Productions X HCAC
Performed by: Members of the Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity Community
  • Date:
    13 Jun 2020
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Online on Zoom
    Online on ZoomOnline on Zoom
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Expect an evening of an online series of pre-recorded plays, live improvised performances and live songs! Each ticket also comes with access to two radio plays for your own listening pleasure before the show. All the pieces are performed by or involve members of the Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (HCAC) community . All proceeds will go towards the sustainability of HCAC during and post COVID-19. Our aim is to continue to raise money to sustain art education in Singapore as well as performance opportunities for everyone.

(Each ticket includes 2 downloadable radio dramas: Closing Time & Dumb Shit.)

Event Line-up (In No Particular Order):

"Let's Not Talk About Sex"

Written by the cast, inspired by Carla Cantrelle

A group of women get together for a Sunday brunch.
Things don't go quite as planned.

Kristy – Kimberly Kiew
Gwen- Anna Ong
Jolene- Lihong Chew
Sophie- Isabelle Roy
Wendy – Nicole Daswani


"The Zoom Effect" by Mary Tay

Teenage Love in the time of Zoom.

Xandra- Kalia Craig
Zach - Harrison Craig
Emily- Emma Nguyen
Annie- Cheryl Lim


"Actor's Nightmare"

In 'Actor's Nightmare' one of our actors works with their script, using lines from the play they were previously in. In this case, it could be "Let's Not Talk About Sex", "Closing Time" or "Dumb Shit". Each of these script actors will be grouped with improvisers who do not know the script in advance, and must improvise around the lines. Chaos ensues.

Improvisers: Prescott Gaylord, Alison Coriel, Arnaud Pierre and Kamil Haque


Music Performance by META

META will be performing songs based on the themes of love - happy love, heartbreak, and the in between, intertwining with the different stories you will hear throughout the evening. Just as the stories will take you on a journey of love, the music will too!

LOVE: A HCAC Benefit Show