Visual Arts, Talk/Workshop

Armenian Carpets - Weaving a History of Islam and Christianity

Organised by: Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay
  • Date:
    19 Apr 2020
  • Time:
  • Duration:
    1h 15min
  • Venue:
    Open Stage, library@esplanade
    Open Stage, library@esplanadeOpen Stage, library@esplanade
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** This event is cancelled. **

The art of Armenian people—fine and applied—is both a production of Armenian history and a link to world culture. While medieval Armenian art has long claimed its place in the world of the arts, applied arts such as rug making has not yet been fully understood and appreciated. Tied to the ebb and flow of economic and political conditions, rugs are perhaps the most widespread expression of Armenian art and culture. Surviving throughout history, the art form showcases various clues to its influences and influencers, which will all be discussed in this talk. Predating the world's monotheistic religions, it is not unusual today to find pieces of Armenian weavings with both Christian and Islamic symbols.

Come join Imran Abid Mir of Lotto Carpets Gallery, as he sheds some light into the fine world of Armenian carpet weaving.

About Imran Abid Mir
Imran Abid Mir of Lotto Carpets Gallery has been in the carpet industry since he was seven. He has a keen interest in the know-how and artistry of carpet-weaving and, together with his brother Noman, makes up the sixth generation of the Lotto Carpets family. When asked what about the carpet business is so appealing to him, he admits that he was inspired and awestruck by the history, heritage and beauty of each carpet. Imran's zeal for carpet-weaving extends to educating the public about the devotion and expertise that goes into each creation.

Armenian Carpets - Weaving a History of Islam and Christianity