Dance, Talk/Workshop

Open Level Contemporary Dance Class

Organised by: Bernice Lee
  • Date:
    7 Jan - 24 Mar 2020, Tuesdays
  • Time:
    5:15pm - 6:45pm
  • Venue:
    The Substation
    The SubstationThe Substation
  • Admission:
    Trial fees: $38


For a contemporary dance experience in a supportive environment that will challenge you at your own pace! Held at an open level, developing strength, mind-body connection and energy efficiency for people and dancers at every stage.

Driven by a love for kinaesthetic flow and physical creativity, these contemporary dance classes get you moving, going upside down, falling off balance, and back in control again. Designed to get you in touch with your own groove, you will strengthen your body awareness by understanding movement patterns, challenging coordination skills and musicality, and getting to move more freely. These contemporary dance classes will challenge your core, your body's dynamic alignment, and increase the articulation of your spine, hands, and feet. Besides increasing your movement range, dancing increases your expressivity through honing physical precision, mental focus and spatial/collective awareness. It is also, fundamentally, great fun!

Open Level Contemporary Dance Class