Dance, Talk/Workshop

Junior Contemporary Dance Company Class

Organised by: Bernice Lee
  • Date:
    9 Jan - 11 Jun 2020, Thursdays
  • Time:
    4:30pm - 6:30pm
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    The Substation
    The SubstationThe Substation
  • Admission:
    Trial fees: $50


A creative contemporary kids dance class for boys and girls in Singapore, an environment for all young people who show an interest in dance, movement or acrobatics.

Each week the students will, in this nurturing environment, experience the endless creative possibilities of contemporary dance – floorwork, leaps and turns, gestures, going upside down. Through learning and making choreography, junior dance company classes will work towards studio-based performances.

Each session is two hours long and includes a warm-up, creative dance games, development of dance material with the input of the students, rehearsal and preparation for performances.

Performances are optional, according to the schedule of students. The main focus is to nurture young students into contemporary dance, allowing one and all to have input in the choreography material, thus encouraging their creative confidence, enabling their own dance to be shown and shared. In this class we also use acrobatic and partnering material, teaching different handstands, cartwheels and movement material that excite children.

Classes are held in alignment with Rolypoly Family principles. We care about dancing to practice body positivity, social inclusion, gender equality, and creative confidence.

Junior Contemporary Dance Company Class