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Puffing Bodies

Organised by: Maya Dance Theatre
  • Date:
    4 - 7 Dec 2019
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Centre 42, Black Box, 42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951
    Centre 42, Black Box, 42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951Centre 42, Black Box, 42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951
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  • Admission:
    $32 (Standard), $26 (Concession), $26 (Group), $27.20 (Passion card member)

    Your ticket will be available at the front of house at Centre 42


Maya Dance Theatre presents Puffing Bodies, a new community project which highlights the issue of body image and its effect on us all.

Our society has a fascination with the body image.

TV, Radio, Books, Magazine, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc bombard us daily with the idea of a perfect body image and how have this body image would improve our lives!. Unfortunately, this fascination has resulted in scores of men, women and adolescent to try an achieve an image desired in our society. By having the perfect bodies, the perfect look, the perfect image, the perfect life!

However, this fascination can also lead many to develop mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and severely low self-esteem. These mental health issues will cause various problems such as in people, some might even turn to suicide.

Puffing Bodies aims to highlight this growing issue affecting millions worldwide through the medium of the arts. This includes presenting a dance theatre production together, preview sessions, workshop and also working with underserved adolescents to create photo and poster exhibition to create positive body images messages for our youths and adolescents in Singapore. These posters and photos will be exhibited in public areas.

About Maya Dance Theatre
Since its inception in 2007, Maya Dance Theatre (MDT) has been creating works of arts addressing social issues in our everyday society. Narrated through the genre known as dance theatre, the works feature an eclectic array of movement, (traditional/ modern contemporary), theatre, visual arts and live music.

Some of the social issues which we have addressed includes: gender issues, women's rights, domestic sexual assault, mental well-being, patriarchy system, war etc. We also work with different organisations to give back to community. For example, we work with old folks' home to do programmes for elderly and work with homes to provide dance trainings for children. We have a collective called Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC) where we train dancers with down syndrome to do basic admin work and provide dance trainings twice a week.

The aim of presenting these works is to bring awareness of the issues faced by many of us in our society today; and in hindsight, encourage the audience members to make a difference in someone's lives.

Puffing Bodies