Get Curious about Plants and Animals: Art as Therapy Workshop: Market Day Memories

Organised by: National Museum of Singapore
Performed by: Kelly Reedy
  • Date:
    20 Jun 2019
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    National Museum of Singapore
    National Museum of SingaporeNational Museum of Singapore
  • Admission:
    $10 per grandparent-child pair (For grandchildren aged 6 – 12). Limited to six pairs of participants per session.


Take a trip down memory lane to your favourite wet market. Be inspired and activate your senses through images of spices and vegetables and samples of fresh local produce. Using Noris Club oil pastels and watercolours, create artworks that bring to life memories of growing up in Singapore and going to the market!

20 Jun | 10am (1.5 hrs) | Perform Room, Level 3 | $10 per grandparent-child pair | For grandchildren aged 6 – 12 and grandparents

Limited to six pairs of participants per session. Visit to register. Art as Therapy Workshops are brought to you in collaboration with Kelly Reedy from ArtWorks and STAEDTLER. Inspired by Singapore's flora and fauna as documented in the National Museum's William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings, each hands-on therapeutic art-making workshop aims to cultivate wellbeing and connect participants to the natural world and each other.

About the Artist Kelly Reedy (MA, AThR, MA Ed, BFA) has worked in Singapore for over 20 years as an artist, educator, and art therapist. Her experience in the field of education includes teaching studio practice to MA art therapy students at LASALLE College of the Arts and training art teachers at the National Institute of Education. As an art therapist she has worked with youth-at-risk, older adults experiencing dementia and Alzheimer's, children with special needs and caregivers. In 2017 Kelly founded ArtWorks, an arts-based consultancy. By combining her expertise in art therapy, fine art and education, she assists her clients in exploring how art can heal, give pleasure and teach them more about themselves. For more information please visit: