Terrarium Making Workshop

Organised by: the Hive Carpenter
Performed by: The Green Capsule
  • Date:
    30 Mar 2019
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    the Hive Carpenter Rooftop Lounge
    the Hive Carpenter Rooftop Loungethe Hive Carpenter Rooftop Lounge
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Come join us at the Hive Carpenter and learn the skill of terrarium making on our very first Terrarium Making Workshop. At the Hive Carpenter's beautiful Rooftop Lounge with large windows allowing ample golden sunlight to filter into the space, get inspired by the breathtaking view of the Marina Bay Skyline and create your very own terrarium to remember the day by.

With the guidance of a professional workshop instructor from The Green Capsule, explore your crafty side and create your own story jars. Also, learn all about plant care and responsibility through this simple 2-hour activity. Create your gift of love and share this joy with your loved ones.

Workshop Rundown:

1. Introduction to terrarium making

2. Brief History of terrariums

3. Terrarium types and differences

4. Plant suitability for terrariums

5. Hands-on terrarium making

6. Instructions on how to care for your new terrarium

7. Photo taking session

8. Q&A session

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