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NYFA Conference 2019 - Content Creation Workshop: Choreographing Stunts

Organised by: *SCAPE
  • Date:
    29 Mar 2019
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    *SCAPE, Level 5, The Treetop
    *SCAPE, Level 5, The Treetop*SCAPE, Level 5, The Treetop
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  • Admission:
    Free admission with $5 refundable deposit
  • Advisory:
    Minimum age of 15


Learn how to fight for film in this rare stunt choreography workshop. Instructor Stuart Stephen Clifford will impart the fundamentals of fight choreography as well as how to plan and shoot a fight sequence using non-contact fight techniques. Participants from all cinematic backgrounds will sharpen their perspective on film choreography, and learn how to safely plan stunts and fight sequences for the screen.

Stuart Stephen Clifford is Australian and a 3rd dan black belt in Aikido and since relocating to Singapore in 2015 has won 6 Silver Medals in International Wushu Competitions for long and short weapons. Formerly the fight director of student films at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University. Stuart's passion is fight choreography and he spent 7 years in Melbourne working to perfect the art for stage and screen before moving to Singapore. Currently, he is both the resident fight choreographer at LaSalle College of the Arts and Lecturer of the module. He also teaches Fight Choreography at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts where he is also a lecturer.

Registration starts at 6:30pm

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*Important Note:
- Session is limited to 20 pax
- Minimum age of 15
- As the workshop has a hands-on component, participants must be comfortable with physical contact
- Participants will be working in pairs therefore highly encouraged to sign up with people that they're familiar/comfortable with
- Participants will be required to use their handphones for the workshop
- Participants are encouraged to install a movie maker app (or something similar) on their phones

NYFA Conference 2019 - Content Creation Workshop: Choreographing Stunts