Hakikat - Himpunan Serumpun VI

Organised by: People's Association PAssionArts and National Arts Council
Performed by: Nadi Singapura
  • Date:
    2 Mar 2019
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    Kallang Community Club
    Kallang Community ClubKallang Community Club
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  • Admission:


PAssionARTS, Nadi Singapura Collaborate to Present Hakikat: Himpunan Serumpun

There is always never enough of "giving back" to society. This is the central theme of a one-night only musical performance titled Hakikat: Himpunan Serumpun – presented by Singapore's award winning Nadi Singapura in partnership with People's Association's (PA) PAssionARTS.

The performance anchors on the spirit of "tangan menerima", which broadly translates from Malay to mean "the hand that gives is better than the hand that receives".

Hakikat: Himpunan Serumpun hits many new notes in this performance and is Nadi Singapura's effort in bringing different Malay cultural acts together.

The performance will celebrate the spirit of giving-and-contributing by highlighting the contributions of pioneer Malay traditional music genre and how it inspired many young local Malay musicians to uphold and champion traditional music up till this day.

The 90-minute show, which is open to the public for free on a first-come-first-serve basis, highlights the compositions of three ensembles, namely Sri Mahligai, OrkeStar Trio and Nadi Singapura.

Sri Mahligai will perform original songs like Gemersik Ombak, Paluan Telingkah/Awal Bismillah and Mengayam Pelangi. Nadi Singapura will put together its originals, including Ketipak Dankong / Kata Kita Kota, Teroka and Aksi. The equally accalaimed OrkeStar Trio will bring together their musicians, many of whom are multi-instrumentalists and composers who have taken on the roles of music directors in major productions and concerts.

The performance will stand out because there is a collaboration of different genres - various Malay art forms by creative artists from different generations - performing in one scene together and this is starting to catch on in Singapore.

The performance will promote the interaction between the artists' movements and musicians with the audience as the story narration and the music is intricately interwoven. Hence, there will be some parts of the programme which will include interacting with the audience, especially in the rhythm and dance segment. An open dance arena has been arranged for this purpose.

In addition, the show will be presented through the use of "pantun" – a Malay poetic form, which started out as a traditional form of verbal expression.

Hakikat - Himpunan Serumpun VI