Artlogues #4 - Sole Matters: The Relevance of Museums Today

Organised by: Arts Management Collective
  • Date:
    5 Jan 2019
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    Workshop Space, SAM@8Q, Singapore Art Museum
    Workshop Space, SAM@8Q, Singapore Art MuseumWorkshop Space, SAM@8Q, Singapore Art Museum
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Do museums matter, especially when it comes to enabling and challenging contemporary artistic practice and process?

Today's contemporary condition of technological advancement and changing audience behaviour has led to a questioning of the relevance of long-standing institutions like museums. In response, museums have had to evolve beyond being mere cabinets of curiosities to play multiple roles including exhibiting and education. The expanded and evolving role of the museum indicates its potential as a significant source of support for artists, particularly emerging ones.

In 2001, the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) initiated the President's Young Talents (PYT), a mentoring, commissioning and award programme to support young promising artists to grow and chart new dimensions in Singapore contemporary art. Previous PYT winners include Boo Junfeng, Donna Ong and Vertical Submarine, among others.

Join Ezzam Rahman, joint winner of the PYT Grand Prize 2015 and winner of SAM's People's Choice Award, to hear about the influence of PYT on his artistic practice, process and growth. This retrospective sharing will also include a reflection upon the possibilities of exchange between artists, museums and the broader cultural landscape.

To enable experiential learning, this session will conclude with a short exhibition tour of PYT 2018, which will be led by a SAM student docent.

To encourage free and frank exchange, this session will be held under the Chatham House Rule.


About the Speaker

Ezzam Rahman is known for his interest in the body and his use of common, easily accessible and unconventional materials to produce works. Through his work, Ezzam features narratives that challenges or expands notions of identity politics, the inherent paradoxes of presence and marginality. Most of his works are time-based ephemera that aim to pique the viewer's thoughts on the topic of impermanence, trace and abjection.

Event Details

Registration will commence at 2.45 PM. Places are limited so do register online!

Presented by:
The Arts Management Collective (AMC), is an independent group of arts management students and alumni from Singapore Management University, under the mentorship of Dr Hoe Su Fern, which aims to enable, inspire and affirm future arts managers in working towards a career in the arts.

Artlogues is a series that aims to strengthen the arts literacy of aspiring arts managers. For its first iteration that started in 2018, the series will explore the manifold ways in which an artistic idea can be actualised into reality. This year, the series is supported and made possible by our venue partner, the Singapore Art Museum.

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