Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

Marylyn Tan: Gaze Back (w/ Mrigaa Sethi)

Organised by: Ethos Books
  • Date:
    23 Nov 2018
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  • Venue:
    The Projector
    The ProjectorThe Projector
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// sweet sick khaki wetland //

spend time, effort and yourself in coming to see me. the book you have all been waiting for is being launched (or, gently tossed) in meatspace. if you like women like I like my coffee (nauseating and fiery) this book is for you. if you know anything about coding, you will probably have something disparaging to say about my poem C\Users\marylyn.tan\UnDocuments\Queer Bodies. if you have at all ever been in an endangered body, I bear witness to that with GAZE BACK.

'Like taking a stress test in my heart. If it had stopped I would have considered it a good death.' - Dana Lam

'i orgasmed 666 times' - Andy Winter

'Not very nice to write like that.' - my mother

Highlights of the evening include surprise performances by friends and a limited-edition hand-scribbled letter to the reader available with every book purchased at the launch.

Gaze Back is presented together with my long-suffering and courageous publisher Ethos Books. Huge thanks to Mrigaa Sethi, who has agreed to be our charming host for the evening. We want to extend the biggest THANK YOU to Prashant, a true stronghold of the arts, and The Projector's Intermission Bar for so generously sponsoring the event venue.

About the author:
Marylyn Tan is a poet and painter. What Marylyn really wants to be is a burlesque dancer that marries the art of dancing with a latex bird mask on with demiurge-level mime. Marylyn's first book is a volume of trans-genre, mixed-media poetics called Gaze Back. It is invested in local witchcraft practices, symbols in the occult, organised religion, feminism and the queer female body. Gaze Back opens with a wholesome poem about steaming up your vagina. It ends with her dead grandfather.

About the host:
Mrigaa Sethi is a writer, editor, quietly seething feminist and friendly neighbourhood genderqueer with secret dreams to divest from the neoliberal world order. The only things holding her back are single-origin coffee, craft beer and the relatively inoffensive cuts at Uniqlo.

Marylyn Tan: Gaze Back (w/ Mrigaa Sethi)