Organised by: Cake Theatrical Productions
  • Date:
    18 - 20 Oct 2018
  • Time:
  • Venue:
    SOTA Drama Theatre
    SOTA Drama TheatreSOTA Drama Theatre


Temple sees the invention of a mythological universe where all the quarters of the world are at odds. A sports hall, once the diplomatic meeting arena of the now opposing sides, stands desolate.

7 people, assailed, stand at the entrance of the great hall. Quickly, they enter and bolt the doors. Some nights they hear pounding on the doors but they keep very still and do nothing. Within the inner sanctum, they create their own rules, find their own order. They wait.

One day, they awake to find the doors of the hall wide open. All swear innocence.

In this singular act of betrayal, a metamorphic shift occurs. Bright lights illuminate, the blast of marching bands and the screams of cheerleaders invade stark silence. The grounds of the hall turn monstrously into a sporting battlefield as the people devise elaborate war schemes against each other.

This multi-layered experience infuses physical composition, visual style and sound architecture, in an exploration of the various notions of 'Temple'.

Temple was commissioned for the Singapore Arts Festival 2008 and was first performed in 2008 in Singapore and at the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia in Naples Italy. Ten years since its inception, Cake sees the re-staging of this work.