Theatre, Festival


Organised by: Singapore Management University
Performed by: SMU StageIT
  • Date:
    15 Sep 2018
  • Time:
    3:00pm, 8:00pm
  • Duration:
  • Venue:
    SMU Arts & Culture Centre
    SMU Arts & Culture CentreSMU Arts & Culture Centre


Through a collection of voices, StageIT explores the theme of mental illnesses via a thought-provoking line-up of musical pieces, monologues, short skits and spoken-word poetry.

Focusing on the interaction between the general society and mentally-ill individuals, Misaligned dives into facets of mental illnesses including depression, eating disorders and schizophrenia.

Under the creative direction of acclaimed theatre practitioner, Tan Shou Chen, each segment is overseen by different student directors and producers – each adding their individual experiences and artistic interpretations into the collection.

SMU StageIT is a theatre collective comprising students from all walks of life with a common passion in theatre. It encourages independent collaboration and student-initiated productions, and focuses on four aspects of theatre in acting, directing, production management and creative design.