Dance, Festival

Maya Yatra (NUS Arts Festival 2018)

Organised by: NUS Centre For the Arts
Performed by: NUS Indian Dance
  • Date:
    15 Sep 2018
  • Time:
  • Duration:
    1.5h, 15min intermission
  • Venue:
    NUS University Cultural Centre Theatre
    NUS University Cultural Centre TheatreNUS University Cultural Centre Theatre


Inspired by Maya Angelou and her poem Still I Rise, Maya Yatra (The Journey of Maya) follows the struggles and growth of a young woman in today's modern yet essentially patriarchal society. Each stage of Maya's life is paralleled by legendary female characters from Indian epics such as Mahabharata's Shakuntala, Ramayana's Sita and Silappatikaram's Kannagi.

Under the direction of Artistic Director Santha Bhaskar, Maya Yatra is a poignant yet powerful portrayal of the resilience and immense strength of women across time, retold through the beautiful language of Bharatanatyam.

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, NUS Indian Dance presents this landmark production that celebrates womanhood in the predominantly female troupe's history of achievements in Indian classical dance.