Visual Arts

The Room that Grew Buoyant, Little by Little [ ]間

Organised by: INDEX, part of The Finger Players
  • Date:
    15 - 18 Mar 2018
  • Time:
    11:00am - 8:00pm
  • Venue:
    Centre 42
    Centre 42Centre 42
  • Admission:


"A poor secret house, as in an old print, that only lives in me, where sometimes I return to sit down and forget the gray day and the rain." – 1913, André Lafon

In the blue house that lives within, there is a room outside. Inside this room, there is a tree that the room enjoys listening to. Above this tree, there is a chair that rocks in tune with the tree. Under this chair, there is a table that creaks in silence as the chair sings. Within this table, there is a forest that the table was made of. In the middle of this forest, there is a fan that keeps the forest cool. Next to the fan, there is a door that opens when the fan stops spinning. Beyond the door, there is an ocean in which a blue house lives – the blue house with the room outside and the tree and chair and table and forest and fan and door and ocean.

And when the stars align perfectly, the universe shall fold infinitely into the heart of this room as the windows crack and lift the room out of its solidity, dissolving the remnants of its geography of being.

INDEX is a design collective winged under The Finger Players, comprising Spatial Designer Lim Wei Ling, Lighting Designer Lim Woan Wen and Sound Artist/Music Composer Darren Ng. Finding common grounds in quiet aesthetics and subtractive work ethos, the collective focuses on design‐centric installations and performances.

The Room that Grew Buoyant, Little by Little marks INDEX's next foray into bridging theatre and installation. Developed in residence at Centre 42, this site- specific installation seeks to contemplate the room as a medium to frame the innate narratives of our world, blur the line of dualities, and open up a free space where the visitor is invited to spend time with/in.

房间里边 有一棵树
树的顶端 有一张椅子
椅子底下 有一张桌子
桌子尽头 有一座森林
森林深处 有一台风扇
风扇旁边 有一道门
门的背面 有一片海洋
海洋之中 有一栋蓝色的屋子
蓝屋内部 有一个不在屋内的房间

那个 有树 有椅子 有桌子 有树林 有风扇 有门 有海洋 的房间


天老地荒 海烂石枯
无心无相 无尘无埃

[ 什只 ] 是由空间设计林玮翎、灯光设计林菀雯和声音艺术/音乐创作黄泽晖三人组成的创作小组,附属于本地剧团十指帮。以简、淡、幽为创作理念之本,[ 什只 ] 致力于以剧场设计元素为主的装置作品与演出,养心寄情。

[ ]間 是 [ 什只 ] 以42新剧中心为据点全新创作的装置作品,诚邀来访者流连其中,从房间出发,在二元对立面的模糊地带中游走,寻索诠释空间的多元可能性。

The Room that Grew Buoyant, Little by Little [ ]間