Highlights This Month

Masterclass in Michael Chekhov’s Integrated Technique by Jane Gilmer

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

5 Jun 2016
Training the imagination through Psycho-Physical exercises that use physical and speech gesture …

Skin & Art: The Creation of My Body


24 – 26 Jun 2016
The Creation of My Body is a story about beauty, and our perception of it. A memoir for the people who changed our life. It is the partner who ceased to be …

Esplanade Presents: Flipside – Metamorphosis

Festival, Theatre

4 & 5 Jun 2016
A fascinating collection of original short stories, told not with words, but with the metaphorical grace of puppets. Nothing remains the way it seems …

Mind Your (Inter)Culture: Me Migrant

Literary Arts

25 Jun 2016
This June, we will explore Me Migrant, a new anthology of poems written by Bangladeshi writer-cum-construction worker Md Mukul Hossine…

Art Fresco – RE:SOUND presents Music of Spain


25 Jun 2016
Experience a variety of Spanish music in this interactive musical extravaganza, and understand how history and culture has shaped Spanish music over time …

Exhibition on Screen – Matisse

Film, Visual Arts

16 Jun 2016
MoMA &Tate Modern’s record-breaking show The Cut-Outs explores the final chapter of Matisse’s career when he began ‘carving into colour …

Highlights Next Month

Colours in Motion – Open Call

Dance, Open Call, Visual Arts

15 & 21 Jul 2016
Colours in Motion is a hands-on approach to learning and expressing through two mediums – dancing and painting. Using the body as the medium of brush …

Managing an editorial project


12 Jul 2016
As the editorial project manager for the production and scheduling of any publication, it’s the you who needs to ensure it’s published on time, on budget …

Songwriting Part 2: Lyric Writing And Performance Of Songs

Music, Talk/Workshop

30 Jul 2016
In this second part, learn about lyric writing and performance of songs. Try your hand at writing lyrics to a simple tune …

Preparing to Act – From Contradiction by Alberto Ruiz Lopez (a.k.a Beto)

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

16 Jul 2016
This workshop teaches the fundamentals required for acting using the idea of Contradiction as a core of training …

Movement Series – Re-thinking Dance Workshop

Dance, Talk/Workshop

4 – 15 Jul 2016
This 10-day workshop offers tools and perspectives as to how dancers can explore beyond their present form and patterns. Using actor-training approaches …

Every Singaporean Daughter


15 – 17 Jul 2016
An original play inspired by crowdsourced stories, Every Singaporean Daughter tells the untold story of gender as young Singaporeans experience it …


At the Rehearsals of The Struggle: Years Later


I was overcome by nostalgia when I heard an audio recording at the rehearsals. Director Liu Xiaoyi managed to inject a segment of a 1970’s crosstalk performance in his adaptation …

An Interview with a member of the Tribes – Thomas Pang


Well.. fathoming the disability proves to be the most difficult. But rehearsals have actually been the most helpful in giving me a feeling of what Billy might have gone through all his life …

An Interview with a member of the Tribes – Ethel Yap


I guess the most unique thing about being in Tribes is the character I get to play. Sylvia is honestly unlike any other character I’ve performed before …


[Review] We Used To Be Close needs to brew a little longer


Sabrina’s Counting and Euginia’s Holiday are, essentially, plays about people. But the double bill is akin to a teenager’s confession – a little too honest, a little too ambitious…

[Review] GRIND: Inside-Out of the Queer Lair


Perhaps, this is how the playwright wants us to think about the concept of prejudice. Ultimately, we are all dealing with the humanistic struggle with love, identity and bullying.

[Review] 我选择下车


两个小品,利用“车”来带出两个议题的反差性:在《十面埋伏》车里的人看不清车外的面具人到底是好人还是坏人,只要待在车上肯定安全;在《Notification》赶上 Facebook 巴士的,却是一群戴着面具的人,在脸书世界是另一个伪装的自己,得到赞和关注就已满足。

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