Highlights This Month

Acting 101


31 May 2015
Suitable for both actors and non-actors, the workshop offers you an insight to the various immersive training, techniques and systems used by actors …

Soundtracks of Our Lives


23 May 2015
Join the Jukuleles and be serenaded with nostalgic songs from movies and television shows of the past. Laugh, sigh, dance and sing along with them as their infectious energy …

Night of Desirable Objects

Visual Arts

7 – 31 May 2015
Featuring works by Bruce Quek & Melissa Tan, the exhibition opens up the space for the viewer to contemplate the relationship between objects and their desired states …

Great Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable Lives

Visual Arts

23 May 2015 – 3 Apr 2016
Collectively, their stories and the more than 200 objects from their lives invite greater contemplation of evolving Peranakan and Singaporean identities…

Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting (Intermediate)

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

5 May – 23 Jun 2015
This 8-week workshop goes further in depth with the concept and process of relaxation and sense memory for the actor …

The Illumination Of Infinite Minds: debut solo exhibition of Sarani Gunawickrama

Visual Arts

7 – 24 May 2015
This series of pencil on paper drawings explore the artist’s research interest in abstraction …

Highlights Next Month



19 & 20 Jun 2015
Avant Theatre proudly presents Quarters, a theatrical extravaganza featuring a multicultural cast that will take audiences back to 1975 Singapore …

Beatbox Alley

Music, Open Call

19 Jun 2015
It will be technically a whole day of beatboxing inclusive of Jam and Battle! Do come down and hang out during the jam and warm up for the battle!

Al Muhib International Oriental Dance Gala


20 Jun 2015
Will be ground breaking for the BellyDance community in Singapore. Not only am I witnessing local dancers who have registered for the competition but also …

Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting (Introduction)


29 Jun – 17 Aug 2015
Recommended for actors and non-actors, this 8-week workshop introduces the concepts and practice of Strasberg’s relaxation and sense memory …

YFEST – SixTeen Dance Challenge

Dance, Open Call

14 – 21 Jun 2015
We’re looking for talented street dancers to form three dance crews under the mentorship of internationally-acclaimed dance choreographers …


An Interview with a member of the Tribes – Thomas Pang


Well.. fathoming the disability proves to be the most difficult. But rehearsals have actually been the most helpful in giving me a feeling of what Billy might have gone through all his life …

An Interview with a member of the Tribes – Ethel Yap


I guess the most unique thing about being in Tribes is the character I get to play. Sylvia is honestly unlike any other character I’ve performed before …

Rant & Rave – A Preview


I was most impressed with their witty and accurate portrayal of a wide range of personalities. These characters were mostly male, of different races, spoke in different accents and languages …


A Bird’s Eye View


It seems timely to be discussing the subject matter explored in this playscript given recent upheavals against faith and religion across continents. Racism, xenophobia, betrayals and exclusions are universal themes in any society …

《蘑菇记事》- 你在厕所里蘑菇些什么?


两位演员平易近人的表演方式,让在场的小朋友们笑声此起彼落,场面顿时活络起来。接着大家期待已久,关着静静不动的大箱子开始启动了!那看起来像个大盒子的舞台,有着重重的装置,不同的抽屉随着 …

FLUID: The role reversal of the theatre and the audience


FLUID is said to be an exploration of the definition of theatre and its meaning, specifically how it matters to the director himself. Would there be a naked cashier …

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