Highlights This Month

CausewayExchange 2016: Doctors With A Cause – A Night of Laughter and Music

Festival, Music

13 Sep 2016
Featuring doctors with not-so-hidden talents from Singapore and Malaysia, this show reflects an important …

Moonfest 2016 – Couple Wings


9 Sep 2016
An elegant and charming Yue Opera relating the touching story of the famous Tang Dynasty poet, Li Shangyin, who is torn between love …

Annexe Sessions: The Steve McQueens


29 Sep 2016
The Steve McQueens brings on the soul and funk at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. Currently on their Submarine tour, the neo-vintage soul sextet makes their way …

Joy by Aaron Gan

Visual Arts

1 – 30 Sep 2016
Joy represents a crossover of watercolour into the realm of Chinese-style paintings. A fusion of East and West with a cheerful and whimsical theme, the exhibition contains 19 watercolour …

Joanna Lamb – ‘Home’

Visual Arts

10 Sep – 9 Oct 2016
Home, Joanna Lamb’s first exhibition in Sullivan+Strumpf Singapore, will comprise a selection of works in different forms of media such as collage, installation, neon works and painting …

Mosaic Music Weekend: The Wild Sea: A Double Bill with Lisa Hannigan and Patrick Wolf


2 Sep 2016
A soothing oceanic purr, a piercing lupine howl—two UK singer-songwriters stretching …

Highlights Next Month

Musical Olympus Foundation presents “Today’s Stars, Tomorrow’s Legends”

Festival, Music

15 Oct 2016
Join two of the operatic world’s brightest young stars – Li Ao, winner of Placido Domingo’s prestigious Operalia …

Portrait of a Virtuoso & Ikan Girl

Festival, Music

23 Oct 2016
Accordion & Piano Recital Aside from composing, Syafiqah ‘Adha Sallehin will showcase her talent: that of a virtuoso accordionist! Teaming up with pianist …

GTM @ Tanjong Goodman


22 Oct 2016
Put on your dancing shoes for a fun-filled day of dance at Goodman Arts Centre! Be treated to an array of free activities of various dance genres …

Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting (Introduction)


18 Oct – 6 Dec 2016
An acting technique, Strasberg’s method brings out the inner life of a character. Actors trained in this method use their personal experiences to inhabit characters …



9 Oct 2016
pARTicipate is a community movement project, which aims to assemble a proposed neighbourhood to take part in simple expressive games suitable for families and members of the society …

Food Photography Workshop w/ Wesley Loh

Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

19 & 22 Oct 2016
Learn how to translate mouth-watering dishes into appetising photos in this two session workshop.


On the Couch with Jasdeep Gill – director of Couch Theatre’s Eurydice


We are constantly asking ourselves: What exactly is Couch Theatre? What do we stand for, and what works do we wish to produce?

On the Couch with Uday Duggal – Orpheus to Couch Theatre’s Eurydice


As an actor who has predominantly been cast in comic roles, it’s been a challenging experience to portray the loss and longing …

At the Rehearsals of The Struggle: Years Later


I was overcome by nostalgia when I heard an audio recording at the rehearsals. Director Liu Xiaoyi managed to inject a segment of a 1970’s crosstalk performance in his adaptation …


[Review] Time Between Us – An Aftermath


I did not enter the house expecting an “immersive theatre experience”. I thought I would be out of place – an intruder of the house, an onlooker. But when Oliver Chong closed the door …

[Review] 黑暗,是眼前,还是你的心里?


演出很巧妙的运用了宽敞的场地去呈现“洞里”的感觉,让表演不只局限在单一的舞台上,令人惊艳。或许没有太多富故事性的转折,这个演出却成功的带出了每个元素的能量去震撼观众们的心 …

[Review] Paradise Interrupted is a laudable attempt at disturbing the traditional arts.


This image of her standing in an ink pit, which resembles a 砚台 (Chinese inkslab) seems to translate her into a brush who can script her own fate…

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