Highlights This Month

Zentai Walk

Festival, Zabbalang

7 Nov 2014
The world is getting more and more materialistic. People say the world will not last long if we continue to consume the way we do now. But I think we don’t need to look for …

M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival 2014

Dance, Festival

27 Nov – 13 Dec 2014
This year, CONTACT brings you an electrifying line-up of more than 90 artists from Israel, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Southeast …

WATCH LOCAL: Rooftop Screenings at Objectifs


4 – 8 Nov 2014
For the 3rd year running, Objectifs will host free rooftop screenings as part of the Singapore Film Commission’s WATCH LOCAL campaign.

Merlion Painting at Auction for A Good Cause!

Visual Arts

3 – 9 Nov 2014
This amazing artwork created by Barcelona street artist AKORE during our private event for the Catalan Tourism Board is now on auction …

三房事 3 Rooms


5 – 16 Nov 2014

Modern Love: LASALLE 30th anniversary exhibition

Visual Arts

6 Nov 2014 – 1 Feb 2015
Curated by Khairuddin Hori, Senior Curator at the National Heritage Board and Bala Starr, Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore …

Highlights Next Month

The Narcissists We Are (Poetry Nights @ Cus, Session 6)

Literary Arts

6 Dec 2014
2014 has got to be labelled as The Year Of Narcissism and you cant deny it. Especially with the whole ‘selfie’ and ‘wefie’ craze thats been going on …

25th Singapore International Film Festival

Festival, Film

4 – 14 Dec 2014
The Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is the largest and longest-running film event in Singapore.



5 Dec 2014
Formed in 1995, Juz-B rose to fame in the first season of Channel U’s 2006 Superband competition as an all-Malay a cappella group who sang in Mandarin …

Deep Soul Brotha by Syed Ahmad


12 Dec 2014
Spend an evening with Syed and get to know his intimate side as the singer-songwriter revisits and reinvents his early works in this heartfelt soliloquy …

Becoming-Vegetal, Becoming-Inorganic, Becoming-You


16 Dec 2014
Shawn will discuss Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of ‘becomings’ as a generative force of engagement in the context of his works…

We Are Farmers: A Solo Exhibition by Ore Huiying

Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts, Zabbalang

10 – 23 Dec 2014 / 2 – 12 Jan 2015
My family, farmers for several generations, have experienced many upheavals in our …


Rant & Rave – A Preview


I was most impressed with their witty and accurate portrayal of a wide range of personalities. These characters were mostly male, of different races, spoke in different accents and languages …

Our Credo – SPCCPS in concert with Mark Hayes


If there is an evening that bears testament to young people’s commitment to and passion for music, this was it. Tonight’s concert brought together primary school students in a performance of …

CONTACT 2013: The resident choreographer’s perspective


I don’t know when I started to incorporate dark humour in my work, perhaps it is because my pieces deal with deeper philosophical and existential themes, so certain times …


《蘑菇记事》- 你在厕所里蘑菇些什么?


两位演员平易近人的表演方式,让在场的小朋友们笑声此起彼落,场面顿时活络起来。接着大家期待已久,关着静静不动的大箱子开始启动了!那看起来像个大盒子的舞台,有着重重的装置,不同的抽屉随着 …

FLUID: The role reversal of the theatre and the audience


FLUID is said to be an exploration of the definition of theatre and its meaning, specifically how it matters to the director himself. Would there be a naked cashier …




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