Highlights This Month

SMU Kidleidoscope 2016


30 Jul 2016
Kidleidoscope is a community service initiative led by students from SMU. Expect a whole day of fun with art and crafts booths, laser tag machine, free candy floss and live performance …

Clay Art Demonstration by “Let’s have a burger” Artist Lee Jia Zhen in Singapore

Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

24 & 26 Jul 2016
Executive Chef Mathew Leighton’s Let’s have a Burger depicts how stress is …

Ballet Under The Stars


1 – 3 & 8 – 10 Jul 2016
Enjoy an enchanting evening at the luscious Fort Canning Green with a sumptuous picnic spread with your loved ones as SDT presents a spectacular medley of contemporary and classical …

SWF POP #12 @ National Poetry Festival: Poets take on the Crazy, Messy Thing called Love

Literary Arts

9 Jul 2016
Four speakers unravel the eternal human condition in a not-to-be-missed reading session …

Managing an editorial project


12 Jul 2016
As the editorial project manager for the production and scheduling of any publication, it’s the you who needs to ensure it’s published on time, on budget …

The Art of Short Scripts


2 Jul – 20 Aug 2016
Want to learn from an award-winning writer? Have you ever wanted to write a script but you have no idea where to start? Then this workshop is exactly for you!

Highlights Next Month

Glitz & Glamour 歌舞今宵-音乐剧


11 – 21 Aug 2016
Be transported into a bygone era with a spectacular dance, drama and music production with tales from Old Shanghai to Fragrance Bay …

Alternate Worlds II / もうひとつの世界2


20 Aug 2016
Alternate Worlds II is the second instalment of TO ensemble’s unique concert series Alternate Worlds which explore new worlds of music …

Opera at Twilight


20 Aug 2016
Opera at Twilight is the Singapore Pocket Opera Theatre’s musical gift to the community. Performed by outstanding singers and instrumentalists …

M1 华文小剧场节 Chinese Theatre Festival 2016: 《一桌二椅实验系列》 1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series

Festival, Theatre

4 – 7 Aug 2016
今年,我们再次邀请一群来自不同背景与领域的艺术同仁携手创作 …

Our Tampines Hub Celebrates – Tampines GRC PAssionArts Festival 2016


7 Aug 2016
Join the many HeARTs of Tampines as we come together to celebrate the arts vibrancy …

Everything By My Side

Festival, Theatre

12 – 14 Aug 2016
Co-starring Singaporean veteran actress Margaret Chan, Everything By My Side is a miniature play in bed. In 10 white beds, 10 actresses lie side by side with individual …


At the Rehearsals of The Struggle: Years Later


I was overcome by nostalgia when I heard an audio recording at the rehearsals. Director Liu Xiaoyi managed to inject a segment of a 1970’s crosstalk performance in his adaptation …

An Interview with a member of the Tribes – Thomas Pang


Well.. fathoming the disability proves to be the most difficult. But rehearsals have actually been the most helpful in giving me a feeling of what Billy might have gone through all his life …

An Interview with a member of the Tribes – Ethel Yap


I guess the most unique thing about being in Tribes is the character I get to play. Sylvia is honestly unlike any other character I’ve performed before …


[Tweet Review] Ibsen: Ghosts by Markus&Markus


In order to exorcise the ghosts of society and the chains that bound her, Margot has ironically condemned herself to become a ghost to …

[Review] We Used To Be Close needs to brew a little longer


Sabrina’s Counting and Euginia’s Holiday are, essentially, plays about people. But the double bill is akin to a teenager’s confession – a little too honest, a little too ambitious…

[Review] GRIND: Inside-Out of the Queer Lair


Perhaps, this is how the playwright wants us to think about the concept of prejudice. Ultimately, we are all dealing with the humanistic struggle with love, identity and bullying.

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