Highlights This Month

No Substance


28 – 30 Aug 2014
The installation comprising of complex laboratory glassware mounted on copper pipes is a continuation of Zul’s first-phase exhibition at Yeo Workshop in Gillman Barracks …

Musica Intimae 2014: Decadenze


31 Aug 2014
This concert is the culmination of our 10th Anniversary, and we will be featuring old and new works that is representative of our decade …

Singapore Night Festival 2014


22 & 23, 29 & 30 Aug 2014
The Singapore Night Festival returns with a “Bold and Beautiful” theme! Featuring an explosive line-up of local and international artists …

All This Intimacy by Rajiv Joseph


13 – 17 Aug 2014
Ty Greene is a normal guy with three very big problems. In an unprecedented (for him) run of promiscuity, Ty has managed to impregnate three women …


Talk/Workshop, Theatre

23 Aug – 11 Oct 2014
This workshop works with individuals to create thematically engaging unscripted scenes. This workshop is suitable for actors and non-actors …

Between Us – Yellowren Arts Festival 2014 (Singapore Segment)

Dance, Festival, Music, Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

29 – 31 Aug 2014
Fringe activities and a three-day holistic art experience which brings local artists …

Highlights Next Month

Childhood Memories: Dialect Nursery Rhymes and Classic Children Songs 童年时光:方言童谣及经典儿歌


7 Sep 2014
Walk down memory lane and and reacquaint yourself with nursery rhymes …

Film Scoring – Portraits in Music

Music, Talk/Workshop

7 Sep 2014
The most iconic films have always had the perfect partners in their film scores. Delve into the intimate, yet often understated …

Lit Up 2014: Walk The Equator


26 – 28 Sep 2014
Into its sixth edition, Lit Up 2014 is themed “Walk The Equator”. Artists interpret the storms and sunny days that sweep through us from this island city onto further shores.

Power to the Pore! by Michaela Therese


26 Sep 2014
She gives tribute to those who came before her, those who keep her energised in the present and those who are paving the way for the future …

小蝌蚪找妈妈 • Looking For Mama (Re-Run)


12 & 13 Sep 2014
猴纸剧坊另一部新作(重演) –《小蝌蚪找妈妈》将以人偶同台的呈现方式,为孩子们讲述小蝌蚪们在找妈妈的过程中,闹出了多少笑话,又遇到了多少艰难险阻。

Maybe If


27 & 28 Sep 2014
Maybe if I remembered. Maybe if I forgot. Maybe if I said something. Maybe if I had not… Watch and listen as your stories come to life with movement, word, music and cloth!


Rant & Rave – A Preview


I was most impressed with their witty and accurate portrayal of a wide range of personalities. These characters were mostly male, of different races, spoke in different accents and languages …

Our Credo – SPCCPS in concert with Mark Hayes


If there is an evening that bears testament to young people’s commitment to and passion for music, this was it. Tonight’s concert brought together primary school students in a performance of …

CONTACT 2013: The resident choreographer’s perspective


I don’t know when I started to incorporate dark humour in my work, perhaps it is because my pieces deal with deeper philosophical and existential themes, so certain times …


《蘑菇记事》- 你在厕所里蘑菇些什么?


两位演员平易近人的表演方式,让在场的小朋友们笑声此起彼落,场面顿时活络起来。接着大家期待已久,关着静静不动的大箱子开始启动了!那看起来像个大盒子的舞台,有着重重的装置,不同的抽屉随着 …

FLUID: The role reversal of the theatre and the audience


FLUID is said to be an exploration of the definition of theatre and its meaning, specifically how it matters to the director himself. Would there be a naked cashier …




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