Highlights This Month

Twin Travellers


26 May 2016
Immerse yourself in the elegant sounds of Chinese plucked string instruments as Singapore twin sisters Tan Su-Min and Tan Su-Hui showcase the versatility of the ruan and guzheng …

Beautiful Sunday Mother’s Day Special – Songs for Mothers with Love


8 May 2016
Join us in this free concert specially dedicated to all mothers. Featuring popular getai host Xu Qiong Fang …

Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting (Introduction)


18 May – 22 Jun 2016
Strasberg’s method brings out the inner life of a character. Actors trained in this method use their personal experiences to inhabit characters …

bittymacbeth – Beauty For Ashes album launch


31 May 2016
Listed as one of Bandwagon’s 20 most anticipated album releases of 2016, Beauty For Ashes is bittymacbeth’s debut solo soul-pop/funk album …

Passage: A Visual Art Exhibition

Visual Arts

12 – 24 May 2016
A passage is about going through transitions from the past, present to the future and sometimes even going backwards again, in order to move forward in life …

IFC Goes Opera!


15 May 2016
We perform pieces composed by Verdi, Mozart, Bizet among others from operas such as il Trovatore, Idomeneo and Carmen. The IFC has invited guest performers …

Highlights Next Month

The O.P.E.N. 2016

Dance, Festival, Film, Music, Talk/Workshop, Theatre, Visual Arts

22 Jun – 9 Jul 2016
The O.P.E.N. is a pre-festival of ideas from SIFA. It is a public engagement initiative that connects the public to the themes and issues …

The Painters: HERO 2016


10 – 11 Jun 2016
An innovative art performance that stages the mind-blowing skills of live drawing with incredible visual effects, filled with a witty blend of mime, dance and comedy…

Metaphors Be With You Episode XI: Bathroom Stories

Literary Arts, Open Call

4 Jun 2016 | Submit by 16 May
Shit Happens. Send us your true stories about a time you were in a bathroom. Maybe you were with someone …



30 Jun – 2 Jul 2016
Figs, our 2016 Season production, is an examination of gender performance, sex and loneliness. We hope our second original production will resonate with you, challenge you, and offer strength …

Anderson + Roe Piano Duo: The Forte Awakens


16 Jun 2016
Nicknamed the “Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of the keyboard”, watch the duo fashion an entirely new concert experience with fresh repertoire …

Singapore Theatre Festival 2016

Festival, Theatre

30 Jun – 24 Jul 2016
W!LD RICE proudly presents the 2016 Singapore Theatre Festival, a thrilling theatrical event about a nation on the edge and the people who live, love and dream in it …


At the Rehearsals of The Struggle: Years Later


I was overcome by nostalgia when I heard an audio recording at the rehearsals. Director Liu Xiaoyi managed to inject a segment of a 1970’s crosstalk performance in his adaptation …

An Interview with a member of the Tribes – Thomas Pang


Well.. fathoming the disability proves to be the most difficult. But rehearsals have actually been the most helpful in giving me a feeling of what Billy might have gone through all his life …

An Interview with a member of the Tribes – Ethel Yap


I guess the most unique thing about being in Tribes is the character I get to play. Sylvia is honestly unlike any other character I’ve performed before …


[Review] GRIND: Inside-Out of the Queer Lair


Perhaps, this is how the playwright wants us to think about the concept of prejudice. Ultimately, we are all dealing with the humanistic struggle with love, identity and bullying.

[Review] 我选择下车


两个小品,利用“车”来带出两个议题的反差性:在《十面埋伏》车里的人看不清车外的面具人到底是好人还是坏人,只要待在车上肯定安全;在《Notification》赶上 Facebook 巴士的,却是一群戴着面具的人,在脸书世界是另一个伪装的自己,得到赞和关注就已满足。

[Review] White Rabbit Red Rabbit – A play that intends to poison your mind


The thought – of someone authorising somebody, to dictate someone else’s actions, without being present – is scary.

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