Highlights This Month

Pop-Up Noise: Soul Searching


21 – 30 Oct 2016
Watch a place, its community and history stir the souls and imagination of 30 young artists. In this experimental edition of Pop-Up Noise …

Red Sky 红色的天空


20 – 23 Oct 2016
Eight senior citizens converge in a retirement home. They feast on food and medication; they sing and they fight. And through it all they show us the pain and beauty of life …

Commissioning and Managing Digital Publishing for Book Publishers


28 Oct 2016
Managing digital projects successfully requires us to re-think much of the ‘old’ publishing process …

Reflections 2016 – Workout 2: Urbanize

Dance, Festival

27 Oct 2016
A dance fitness programme that combines the coolest urban moves from street dance to hip-hop …

GTM @ Tanjong Goodman


22 Oct 2016
Put on your dancing shoes for a fun-filled day of dance at Goodman Arts Centre! Be treated to an array of free activities of various dance genres …

Merging Disciplines – Writing, Performance & Musicality


20 Oct – 8 Dec 2016
During Merging Disciplines, participants will become their story. This programme will guide participants through building their own …

Highlights Next Month

FLOW – Album Launch Concert


24 & 25 Nov 2016
Inspired by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s concept of ‘flow’, SA attempts to break out of the conventional. Recorded & mixed by Victor Low over 3 days at the Black Axis …

On Display


4 – 6 Nov 2016
On Display is an inquiry into the ‘performance’ of the human body through the act of objectification. This inter-disciplinary collaboration between choreographer-dancer …

After Six in Concert


5 Nov 2016
After Six is set to thrill you with their complex chord work and groovy rhythms, showing you that the human voice has no limits. Combining the smooth melodies of ballads …

Improv 101


20 Nov 2016
Improvisational theatre is performance created in the moment. In its purest form, the dialogue, action, story, and characters are created in present time without a prepared …

SWF Lecture – Lionel Shriver: An Unflinching Eye Into Truth

Festival, Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop, ||SWF||

13 Nov 2016
Lionel Shriver is feted for the way she takes on huge contemporary issues, and in her latest novel…


Of Myths and Legends – At the Rehearsal of Ikan Girl


Audience will get to enjoy a melting pot of Malay contemporary dance elements and the sophisticated vocabulary of the Indian Bharatanatyam dance style…

[SPOTLIGHT] Series – Introducing playcircle 艺班人


Theatre is a way of using stories to ask big questions in life, using stories, to think about the answers of these questions and to dialogue with others to better understand…

[SPOTLIGHT] Series – Introducing The Second Breakfast Company


Do we need to confront the truths fully in order to move forward, or are the truths too much for us to handle?


[Review] Time Between Us – An Aftermath


I did not enter the house expecting an “immersive theatre experience”. I thought I would be out of place – an intruder of the house, an onlooker. But when Oliver Chong closed the door …

[Review] 黑暗,是眼前,还是你的心里?


演出很巧妙的运用了宽敞的场地去呈现“洞里”的感觉,让表演不只局限在单一的舞台上,令人惊艳。或许没有太多富故事性的转折,这个演出却成功的带出了每个元素的能量去震撼观众们的心 …

[Review] Paradise Interrupted is a laudable attempt at disturbing the traditional arts.


This image of her standing in an ink pit, which resembles a 砚台 (Chinese inkslab) seems to translate her into a brush who can script her own fate…

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