Highlights This Month

MAKE IT NEW – Incidental Performance


31 Jan, 6 & 7 Feb 2015
Encounter fresh takes on memorable dance moments from Arts Fission’s seminal past works. Watch out for dynamic company dancers as they navigate …

“the affair”

Visual Arts

10 – 23 Jan 2015
“the affair” tracks over 30 years of exploring the nude form by self-made local contemporary artist Yeo Siak Goon…

Sunday with Steinway: Poetry & Love Recital Preview


11 Jan 2015
Join us for a special recital preview of soprano Christine Seng and pianist Vincent Chen as they present a special evening of art songs …

Writer in the Gardens Workshop – Extraordinary Sensory Perceptions

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

17 Jan 2015
Humans are visual creatures; sight is our primary sense, and yet the world is filled with substance for all our senses …

Two Worlds; One Fantasy – Solo Art Exhibition by Jaxton Su

Visual Arts

24 Jan – 1 Feb 2015
Everyone has the capacity to build castles in the air. In fact, a little bit of daydreaming can actually enhance wellness, happiness and pave …

Highlights Next Month

Piano Technique Development for Young Beginners

Music, Talk/Workshop

2 Feb 2015
Renowned international pianist Sasha Starcevich comes to Singapore to host a workshop on piano technique …



13 – 15 Feb 2015
Set in an alternate timeline, an epidemic reaches Singapore’s shores. Infected and trapped in his own body, Damien Pang is forced to face ghosts of his past …

ArtScience Late – The Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners

Music, Visual Arts

12 Feb 2015
Luciano Chessa and the Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners present a full performance of extraordinary hand-cranked instruments …


Visual Arts

28 Feb – 1 Mar 2015
black is not a colour

in nature

伪君子 Tartuffe


4 – 8 Feb 2015
家里所有的人 – 妻子、儿子、女儿、妹妹,甚至是佣人,都知道 Tartuffe “虔诚”的外表后面,隐藏着一副虚伪的嘴脸,只有 Orgon 仍然被信念蒙蔽了双眼。为此,家人伤透脑筋。如何让狐狸露出尾巴?如何让众人看清真相?

TOP Showcase 1


27 Feb – 1 Mar 2015
This year, The Necessary Stage (TNS) launched The Orange Playground (TOP), a creative research and development programme for emerging and established artists …


Rant & Rave – A Preview


I was most impressed with their witty and accurate portrayal of a wide range of personalities. These characters were mostly male, of different races, spoke in different accents and languages …

Our Credo – SPCCPS in concert with Mark Hayes


If there is an evening that bears testament to young people’s commitment to and passion for music, this was it. Tonight’s concert brought together primary school students in a performance of …

CONTACT 2013: The resident choreographer’s perspective


I don’t know when I started to incorporate dark humour in my work, perhaps it is because my pieces deal with deeper philosophical and existential themes, so certain times …


《蘑菇记事》- 你在厕所里蘑菇些什么?


两位演员平易近人的表演方式,让在场的小朋友们笑声此起彼落,场面顿时活络起来。接着大家期待已久,关着静静不动的大箱子开始启动了!那看起来像个大盒子的舞台,有着重重的装置,不同的抽屉随着 …

FLUID: The role reversal of the theatre and the audience


FLUID is said to be an exploration of the definition of theatre and its meaning, specifically how it matters to the director himself. Would there be a naked cashier …




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