赵氏孤儿 Zhao’s Orphan
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赵氏孤儿 Zhao’s Orphan

By: 新加坡海南协会 Singapore Hainan Society

Date: 28 Dec 2011, Wed

Time: 8:00pm

Duration: 2 hrs 45 min

Intermission: 20 min

Venue: Theatre, Esplanade

Language: Hainanese with English & Chinese surtitles

Ticket Prices: $50, $30, $20

Tickets available from: SISTIC


During the spring and autumn period in the Jin state of China, all 300 members of the patriotic Zhao family were ruthlessly massacred at the instigation of their treacherous political rival Tu An Gu. Only one survived-the newborn son of Zhao Dun, husband of the King’s sister, Princess Zhuang Ji.

Zhao’s Orphan is a story about the contrasting values of good and evil, and kindness and cruelty. It is a moving tale of how righteous people risked their lives to save Zhao Dun’s baby son, orphaned before his first month, and of how the physician Cheng Yin and his wife endured not only the excruciating pain of having to sacrifice their own baby son in order to save the Zhao’s orphan, but also shame and humiliation when they were despised by people who misunderstood their actions. After sixteen years, good eventually triumphed over evil when the Zhao’s orphan learnt about the treachery and killed Tu An Gu in revenge and restored Cheng Yin’s honour.

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