To Have The Spirit Of A Pro
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To Have The Spirit Of A Pro

2011-07-30 | by Max

As arts lovers-goers-enthusiasts-practitioners, we at Arts Republic, apart from publishing arts events in Singapore, would also love to find out what’s happening behind the scenes, and most excitingly, meet our favourite artists as well as budding young arts talents.

Little to our expectations that the chance came so early. We were invited by the organiser of ciNE65, an ambitious short film competition that aims to become the “Oscar” of short films in Singapore, to have a look at 2 sideline events to help potential participants in producing their works for the competition.

So on a beautiful Saturday morning of 30th July (although it’s not easy for us to wake up so early), we had a rare chance of peeking into the working place of multi-award winning production company – The Shooting Gallery. Camouflaged as a factory on the outside, its interior made us think we were transported to Bali. I guess it’s the holiday mood of Bali that the forever-busy directors, art directors, photographers and visual artists need to soothe their tense brain cells.

About 40 participants were first shown some magnificent and mind-blowing TV commercial works of The Shooting Gallery, then guided to different locations to get some hints of how difficult the production processes were. Enormous collections of shoes, chairs and TV sets at Artison (the art department), unbelievable photo shoots of ants at Wishing Well (the digital imaging department), and the super high-tech (and high priced) camera and lighting equipments at the studios… all enlightened the participants that creativity must go hand-in-hand with hard work, discipline, planning and attention to details. I think apart from having much fun with the scary movie scene at the Print Shoot Demo session in Studio 1, they also realised it was not so fun staring at the light for a long time, pretending to be watching TV.

Primarily as a commercial production company, The Shooting Gallery might not be showing works that are fully related to the short films that the participants are going to produce. But the message was that anyone who is thinking of going behind the camera to produce something wonderful to touch people’s hearts must have the spirit shown by the crew of The Shooting Gallery during the field trip. Passion, determination and team work. As one of the participants, a year 3 student from the School Of The Arts, told me that the equipments and facilities here are far more professional than what they have in school, I hope this experience would be an inspirational and eye-opening one, rather than restrictions of what students can or cannot do. Do it with the brain and eyes down to details, aim it high with an ambitious heart. Attractive prizes including learning trip and submission to regional film festival are waiting for everyone who possess the above-mentioned qualities!

The second sideline event is a series of Film-Making Workshops held on 6 August at Sinema Old School.

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