There’s Something About Me: Dixie Chan by Felicia Low
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There’s Something About Me: Dixie Chan by Felicia Low

Presented by: Felicia Low

Date: 6 Jun 2012, Wed

Time: 8:30pm

Duration: 1 hr

Venue: Classroom 1, The Substation

Ticket Prices: Free


Felicia Low says…
“Dixie’s work highlighted dilemmas and struggles faced by the sex workers – and what struck me the most was how the film portrayed these dilemmas and struggles as silent and untold. I believe that there is great potential in Dixie’s approach to her filmmaking, and I would like to support her effort in finding a personal visual language through the use of film, to highlight a social cause.”

During her days as a Political Science student, Dixie Chan developed an interest in documentaries centred on social issues and human rights. About 2 years ago, she became a volunteer of Project X which advocates the rights of sex workers in Singapore. She hopes to deepen her knowledge of filmmaking and produce films that can inspire people to be more active in social issues.

There’s Something About Me
For the 2nd year of The Substation’s Associate Artist Research Programme (AARP), our current batch of Associate Artists will be inviting emergent artists to present their work in a monthly series of lecture-presentations. An expansion to the AARP, There’s Something About Me is a new platform for our Associate Artists to introduce artists whom they personally believe in, and initiate dialogue and sharing within the artists and public community about their works.

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