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The City of Lonely Island
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The City of Lonely Island

Presented by: The Artists Village

Date: 25 – 29 Apr 2012, Wed – Sun

Venue: Gallery, Block B #01-08, Goodman Arts Centre

Ticket Prices: Free


Hailing from Beijing, Zhang Kexin has always been an active and influential figure on Chinese, Southeast Asian and international art stages.

During the past nearly two decades, Zhang’s public image has been established as an outstanding artist with a distinctive style. Not only does he carry out various forms of art like installation, performance, digital imagery, painting, sculpture and new media, he also performs as a contemporary art critic and curator. He has written a great number of academic articles for several well-known international art media and has been the curator of many seriously themed exhibitions in major galleries.

He is now in Singapore as a resident artist for The Artists Village’s Pulau Ubin Artist-In-Residency program. Featuring video screening of performances, photographs, installations and paintings, this is Zhang Kexin’s exploration of the similarities and differences between the urban and nature in Pulau Ubin’s natural greenery and Singapore’s city environment.

Exhibition Opening:
25 April 2012 | 7.30pm
Live music and sound performance by Gulayu Arkestra

Artist Talk & Exhibition Tour:
28 April 2012 | 2pm to 5pm

Artist Workshop:
29 April 2012 | 2pm to 5pm

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