seVen: pondering over Malay weddings
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seVen: pondering over Malay weddings

The Lecher of Art – Lecture 7

Presented by: Zaki Razak

Date: 5 Apr 2012, Thu

Time: 8:00pm

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Venue: Theatre, The Substation

Ticket Prices: Free


With the mighty influence of the economy overtaking spiritual self and public pace, our articulatory faculties seem to be held captive; ever submissive to the insurgence of capitalism and never recognising the conflicts of cultural production. From the ‘fixed’ demand of dowry to the monotony and imbecility of wedding reception and rites, what is seemingly ‘clumped’ to a misrepresentation is in dire need to be revised and reformatted. Is there a way to resist a canonical cultural practice and re-introduce a formation of culture, which recognises its criticality and creativity? Zaki and his panel of selected personalities aim to discuss this social phenomenon.

About Zaki Razak
Zaki Razak first made his mark as a street artist. In 2004, his work was exhibited at the SENI exhibition at Singapore Art Museum, and subsequently he has featured in many other local and overseas exhibitions, including shows in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Australia. Zaki has also, in recent years, made his mark as a curator of art projects including the 2010 exhibition of Singapore street artists entitled Is This Home, Truly? at Helutrans Artspace and Berita Harian: Utusan Melayu, an exhibition of Malay contemporary artists. Zaki is interested in the human consciousness and the hermeneutics of art.

About The Lecher of Art
The Lecher of Art is a series of performance-presentations that revisits ways of exploring the art of speech while ‘lecherously’ engaging the audience. These seemingly fictional, un-assumed and alternative methodologies of speech and presentation contradict the authoritative, anticipated and doctrinal manners in which lectures are conventionally delivered. The series not only paves the way for how lectures could be conducted, but it also aims to facilitate the audience in a dialectical environment – symbolising the controversy between the lecture, the lecturer, and the lecher of art.

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