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It’s Academic! Stage Reading
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It’s Academic! Stage Reading

By: Musical Theatre Live!

Date: 12 & 13 Oct 2011, Wed & Thu

Time: 8:00pm

Duration: 80 min

Venue: The Hall, The Arts House

Ticket Prices: Free (Email to register)

Contact: Dezz at 92721648 / Rebecca at 98357835


Directed by Mohamed Shaifulbahri and produced by Desmond Moey, It’s Academic! is a musical comedy for the family. Set in a typical Singapore secondary school, the story is about Jay, a new student fresh from Hong Kong, who tries to fit into the Singapore culture. He falls in love with his classmate, Carol, who dislikes his brash overbearing behaviour. Things take a turn for the worse when Carol and Jay are thrown together in a group songwriting project. What more can go wrong as Carol’s best friend tries to help?

It’s Academic! has lively pop and rock music with beautiful ballads. Who will enjoy this musical the most? Haha! It’s academic! Everyone will love it!

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