Dia Di Atas Sana
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Dia Di Atas Sana

By: Panggung Arts and The Substation

Date: 24 (Preview), 25 – 27 Nov 2011

24 & 25 Nov: 8:00pm
26 Nov: 3:00pm & 8:00pm
27 Nov: 3:00pm

Venue: The Substation Theatre

Ticket Prices: $20, $18 (concession), $15 (preview ticket)

Tickets available from: box office

Rating: No persons under 16

Language: Performed in Malay with English subtitles

Contact: Mish’aal 6337 7800 /



“Where is God?”

Man has been asking, and has been asked this particular question ever since he was introduced or some would strongly believe, re-introduced, to the concept of the higher being. The higher being, God, Elohim, Jesus, Gaia, Vishnu, or Allah has led Man to spend his existence approving or disapproving. In the name of a particular God, beliefs have been forced and reinforced, to be embed in the hearts of Man and then reiterated in blood. But, those dramatic episodes in Man’s history, most probably start with that one simple question. ‘Where is God?’. That same question gradually spawns an entire variation of itself; ‘Where is my God?’, ‘Where is your God?’, ‘Where are you God?’, or ‘Where the hell are you God, in times when I needed you the most?’.

Brought up in a pious family, Abdul has always been surrounded by the will of God. ‘insya Allah’ (if God wills it) his father says, when asked if he’d take the family on a holiday. ‘Bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘alallah’, (in the name of God, to whom we surrender) his mother would remind him every time he kissed her hand before leaving the house to go to school. Those words of wisdom, gives him that warm fuzzy feeling inside. That same feeling has given him strength to face the obstacles in his life, thus far. Until his parents decided to commit suicide, each after the other. They’d have taken Abdul along too, if it wasn’t for the botched execution of a meticulously crafted plan. Abdul is left behind. He survives. But ultimately, he has stopped asking that question, or its variations. He now seeks that one answer. From The One Up There.

Written by Zulfadli Rashid (big)
Directed by Agnes Christina
Starring Raimy Safari & Siti Z.

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