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小瘋狂音樂祭 CrazyWorld MusicFest 2012
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小瘋狂音樂祭 CrazyWorld MusicFest 2012

Presented by: 疯狂世界 CrazyWorld Cafe

Date: 31 Mar, 1, 7 & 8 Apr 2012, Sat & Sun

31 Mar 4:00pm: 插班生 The Freshman (新加坡 SG)
31 Mar 8:00pm: Ling Kai (新加坡 SG)
1 Apr 3:00pm: 盧凱彤 Ellen Loo (香港 HK)
1 Apr 5:00pm: 盧凱彤 Ellen Loo (香港 HK)
7 Apr 4:00pm: Nic Lee (新加坡 SG)
7 Apr 8:00pm: 黑森林 Black Forest (新加坡 SG)
8 Apr 3:00pm: 棉花糖 katncandix2 (台灣 TW)
8 Apr 5:00pm: 棉花糖 katncandix2 (台灣 TW)

Venue: CrazyWorld Cafe, 24 Temple Street, Chinatown (MRT Exit A)

Language: Mandarin/English

Ticket Prices: $28, $18

Tickets available from: Gatecrash

Admission rules: Please print out your email confirmation or bring along your receipt to exchange for your tickets on the event day.

Website: www.crazyworldcafe.com/musicfest2012

CrazyWorld Cafe: www.facebook.com/crazyworldcafe
插班生 The Freshman: www.facebook.com/events/286944378042485
Ling Kai: www.facebook.com/events/389576854386289
盧凱彤 Ellen Loo: www.facebook.com/events/389269151083298
Nic Lee: www.facebook.com/events/382818828397403
黑森林 Black Forest: www.facebook.com/events/365893936775304
棉花糖 katncandix2: www.facebook.com/events/189040277876807

6組來自新加坡 、香港、台灣 的音樂份子將帶給你近距離、零負擔的聽覺享受。

The latest season of CrazyWorld Musicfest brings you up close and personal with six groups of performing artistes from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Get ready for intimate sessions with our favourite local and regional artistes as they take aural pleasure right back to the most basic and rawest form.

This, is what music is all about.

MusicFest 2012 Schedule
Week 1:
31/3 (六 Sat), 4pm : 插班生 The Freshman (新加坡 SG) $18
31/3 (六 Sat), 8pm: Ling Kai (新加坡 SG) $18
1/4 (日 Sun), 3pm: 盧凱彤 Ellen Loo (香港 HK) $28
1/4 (日 Sun), 5pm: 盧凱彤 Ellen Loo (香港 HK) $28 – SOLD OUT on 16 Mar

Week 2:
7/4 (六 Sat), 4pm: Nic Lee (新加坡 SG) $18
7/4 (六 Sat), 8pm: 黑森林 Black Forest (新加坡 SG) $18
8/4 (日 Sun), 3pm: 棉花糖 katncandix2 (台灣 TW) $28
8/4 (日 Sun), 5pm: 棉花糖 katncandix2 (台灣 TW) $28

About the Artistes
Ellen Loo 盧凱彤 (Hong Kong)
Starting out as a member of Hong Kong’s popular award-winning duo, At17, Ellen together with fellow member, Eman Lam, have released several albums since 2000 in which Ellen has been actively involved in song writing, arrangement and album production. Over 10 years, apart from performing as At17, Ellen also played as a guitarist for Eason, Sammi Cheng and Joey Yung’s concerts.

In 2010, Ellen released her first solo album Summer of Love and 2nd album in 2011. Following the success of her solo albums in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, Ellen’s upcoming shows at CrazyWorld’s Musicfest 2012 will be her first personal solo concert in Singapore.

Katncandix2 棉花糖 (Taiwan)
Taiwanese duo, katncandix2, comprising Sheng Je 聖哲 & Ball 小球 had humble beginnings performing on the streets of Taiwan in 2007. In 2009, the duo released their debut album, Little Flight, and has since been nominated twice in Taiwan’s prestigious Golden Melody Awards. Katncandix2’s brand of fresh folk music is filled with dreams, hope and courage, winning them loyal fans from the region over.

Katncandix2 were also CrazyWorld’s opening act for the first MusicFest in 2010, and tickets to their showcase was sold-out within a week.

Black Forest Band 黑森林 (Singapore)
黑森林 Black Forest, comprising Ernest, Adwin, Renny, Sky & Xin, make up a fun, high spirited and energetic band brought together by the same love for music. Over the past 5 years, they have performed at Taiwan’s Spring Scream 春天吶喊, the Esplanade’s Huayi Festival, as well as the opening act for Taiwanese band F.I.R at their concert in Singapore.

Ling Kai (Singapore)
Ling first started performing at open-mics. In 2007, she decided to record a song she had been hearing in her head for a while – a few haunting notes, some sparse guitar lines – and put up the video performance on Youtube, raw and unedited as it was. Little did she expect her song to be featured on the site’s homepage, getting more than 1 million views.

In the three years between then and now, she has played in many venues in Singapore and Australia. Ling is currently continuing her songwriting career based in Singapore.

Nic Lee (Singapore)
Nic started out as a member of Milubing 迷路兵, which took part in Channel U’s nationwide competition, Superband, and emerged as champions for that first season. Since then, he has performed on countless TV and outdoor performances, and has also been involved in the production of Milubing’s 2nd and 3rd albums. He soon too went onboard other Artistes’ projects to help write, arrange and produce.

As of current, he is currently preparing to release his Solo album which he co-produced musically and arranged.

The Freshman 插班生 (Singapore)
Carrie and Diya met in 2007 at the audition for “Project Superstar II”, a nation-wide singing talent search competition organised by Mediacorp Pte Ltd, and emerged the top two winners of the female category. During their solo careers, they were chosen to represent Singapore in the “International Chinese New Talent Championship” in Hong Kong and Taiwan’s “One Million Star” singing competition, respectively.

In 2010, the two girls together launched their debut album Life Experiment 101, and held their first ever concert during the CrazyWorld Musicfest 2010 to a sold-out crowd.

24 Temple Street, Chinatown (MRT Exit A)

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