The O.P.E.N. 2016

Dance, Festival, Film, Music, Talk/Workshop, Theatre, Visual Arts

22 Jun – 9 Jul 2016
The O.P.E.N. is a pre-festival of ideas from SIFA. It is a public engagement initiative that connects the public to the themes and issues …

In-House Series 2016


18 & 19 Jun 2016
Buds Theatre opens IN-HOUSE series with Hold On by Wisely Chow – a deeply evocative play dealing with the theme of loneliness and isolation, and The Heart is Only a Muscle by Narisha Ibrahim …

Café by Joel Tan


16 – 19 Jun 2016
Something terrible is happening in Singapore. It’s coming from the sky, from across the sea, from under our feet. Meanwhile, five people find themselves in a cafe in Singapore …

The Painters: HERO 2016


10 – 11 Jun 2016
An innovative art performance that stages the mind-blowing skills of live drawing with incredible visual effects, filled with a witty blend of mime, dance and comedy…

Ghost Writer


9 – 12 Jun 2016
Are you living a life to fulfill someone else’s purpose? Ghost Writer offers a glimpse into the lives of characters intertwined by blood and ties that bind—and suffocate …

The Twenty-Something Theatre Festival 2016

Festival, Theatre

9 – 12, 16 – 19 Jun 2016
8 brand new plays from beginning and established 20-something playwrights expose, explore and engender their 20-something state of mind for all to see …

Esplanade Presents: Flipside – Metamorphosis

Festival, Theatre

4 & 5 Jun 2016
A fascinating collection of original short stories, told not with words, but with the metaphorical grace of puppets. Nothing remains the way it seems …

Esplanade Presents: Flipside – Don’t Explain

Festival, Theatre

3 & 4 Jun 2016
You have never seen a show like this in your life. Through a high-octane fusion of theatre, mime, stand-up, and vocal sound effects …

NANTA (Cookin’) 2016


3 – 5 Jun 2016
NANTA (COOKIN’) is a comic musical non-verbal performance derived from the traditional Korean instrumental performance, “Samulnori.”

Singapore Improv Festival

Festival, Theatre

3 – 5 Jun 2016
Singapore’s first-ever Improvised Theatre festival is coming to you in June. The festival features performances by over 10 homegrown improv teams …

Open Call: Devised Theatre Workshop Series

Open Call, Theatre

Now – 31 May 2016
Dive into the world of Devised Theatre in this 24 session workshop series helmed by Felipe Cervera from The Art of Strangers. Get a first-hand experience …

Wow! Wayang by Sri Warisan


29 May 2016
Relive the good old kampung days through this traditional shadow play performance – as stories come alive with the nifty movements of Wayang Kulit …

Theatre Appreciation: Audition Preparation Workshop

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

29 May 2016
Auditions can be daunting, if you’re not ready. This workshop covers the essential audition techniques and prepares you to …

Esplanade Presents: Flipside – Time for Fun

Festival, Theatre

28 & 29 May 2016
Hands and fingers turn into objects and symbols, depict people and animals; characters turn up out of nowhere, they float and dance in the air …

Kreativ Outbox Audition 2016

Open Call, Theatre

28 May 2016
We are searching for new faces for our upcoming production. If you can Sing, Act, Dance and passionate about performing. Do book your slots and meet us!

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