Every Singaporean Daughter


15 – 17 Jul 2016
An original play inspired by crowdsourced stories, Every Singaporean Daughter tells the untold story of gender as young Singaporeans experience it …

Celebrate Drama! 2016

Festival, Theatre

15 & 16 Jul 2016
Celebrate Drama! 2016, everyone’s favourite youth and community drama festival is back with 10 workshops, performances and a theatre open house from the best in Singapore theatre …

Life’s A Stage《戏子情》

Dance, Theatre

15 & 16 Jul 2016
Life’s A Stage is inspired by the story of a local Chinese street opera troupe in the mid-twentieth century. Overflowing with love, friendship and betrayal, it unfolds the story …

Igudesman & Joo: And Now Mozart

Music, Theatre

8 Jul 2016
First, there was a big bang, … then, a little nightmare music, and now, Mozart. For those who listen to Mozart, live with Mozart, gave birth to Mozart …

Igudesman & Joo: A Little Nightmare Music

Music, Theatre

7 Jul 2016
Just when you thought it was safe… The concert begins. The music is sublime. Not even a pin would dare drop. Suddenly, a cellphone rings and the madness starts …

Models Never Talk

Festival, Theatre

7 – 9 Jul 2016
The stage depicts the wings behind an haute couture catwalk. But without the clothes. Here, all that remains of fashion are memories. Hands buckle a vanished belt …

Ibsen: Ghosts by Markus&Markus

Festival, Theatre

6 – 8 Jul 2016
Markus&Markus reanimate their deceased protagonist through videos, photos and letters. The work is a gut-wrenching and poignant reflection on life’s meaning …

IgnorLAND of its Loss 《不知岛的迷失》


5 – 10 Jul 2016
This project hopes to invite audiences to imagine alternatives and have a dialogue about the decision-making process regarding our land …

The Intimate Shakespeare: 74 Ways to Die


2 & 3 Jul 2016
Join the students of HCAC as they put together a showcase of a few of the untimely ends of timeless characters like Hamlet, Macbeth …

Movement Workshop for Actors by Lim Chin Huat

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

2 Jul 2016
The workshop will focus on introducing, guidance and exploration on basic and essential knowledge, skills and understanding of body movement …



30 Jun – 2 Jul 2016
Figs is an examination of gender performance, the body and loneliness. A whimsical, dark and surreal piece, Figs lays forth two narratives: one of a tree, one of a floating voice …

Singapore Theatre Festival 2016

Festival, Theatre

30 Jun – 24 Jul 2016
W!LD RICE proudly presents the 2016 Singapore Theatre Festival, a thrilling theatrical event about a nation on the edge and the people who live, love and dream in it …

Skin & Art: The Creation of My Body


24 – 26 Jun 2016
The Creation of My Body is a story about beauty, and our perception of it. A memoir for the people who changed our life. It is the partner who ceased to be …

The O.P.E.N. 2016

Dance, Festival, Film, Music, Talk/Workshop, Theatre, Visual Arts

22 Jun – 9 Jul 2016
The O.P.E.N. is a pre-festival of ideas from SIFA. It is a public engagement initiative that connects the public to the themes and issues …

Arts by the Sea – Siglap South CC presents Children’s Acting Workshops by ACT3 Theatrics

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

20 – 24 Jun 2016
Discover your passion and interest in acting through …

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