Shakespeare: The Intimate Tempest

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

12 Jan – 2 Mar 2015
An actor is often required to explore his/her inner emotional life and display it during a performance. This 8-week production-workshop endeavors to stretch …

Suluk Tambangraras (Path of the Boat of Soul)


8 – 10 Jan 2015
We are all vagabonds in this world, trying to find a home. Where is home? What is home? Your journey decides your home, your journey decides …

GOING LOCAL 4 – Call for Actors and Writers

Open Call, Theatre

1 – 31 Jan 2015
Buds Theatre Company is looking to stage a groundbreaking production for our fourth series of Going Local in June 2015!

YCP Playreading: The Car by Verena Tay


27 & 28 Dec 2014
This is a story of a girl’s relationship with her deceased father, mediated by the old family car, and makes us reflect on the nature of past relationships struggling …

Our Time


17 – 21 Dec 2014
Set in a fictional café, Our Time journeys through the lives of a group of twenty-somethings in a musical revue that explores the fears, desires and hopes of a defining period …

Aspiring Actors to Join Drama Programme

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

Dec 2014 – Mar 2015
This is a 4-month programme by Miss C’s Little Blackbox, a registered drama company in Singapore! Professional mentors will be flying in from different countries …



4 – 7 Dec 2014
In the city of Kesamet, all of life’s quibbles have been solved. Energy, food and water are 100% recyclable. Happiness is found in a pill, tears are non-existent …

守机碍情 Like Me. I Like


4 – 7 Dec 2014
手机里,收录无法启齿的爱情,话不投机的友情,若即若离的同事情… 时刻握着手机的人生,网络里放大自我,生活里隐藏自己… 上班低头族,敢敢发简讯,不敢面对面…

Writing From the Heart 2014

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop, Theatre

1 – 6 Dec 2014
After the successful inaugural edition of Writing from the Heart by renowned playwright and novelist Tony Perez, Tony is invited to conduct …



28 & 29 Nov 2014
The play unravels in the setting of a normal counselling room in a school with a teacher waiting for the arrival of three very important guests. On that very special day …



27 – 29 Nov 2014
Invisibility is a poignant tale about alienation and the search for meaning in modern urban society – various personas on the margins of society seeking to connect …

Asian Intercultural Conference 2014

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

25 – 28 Nov 2014
Join us at a global gathering of actors, writers, directors, scholars and researchers with an interest in the “Asian Intercultural” …

Monkey Goes West


21 Nov – 13 Dec 2014
An affectionate and cheeky retelling of the beloved Chinese fantasy classic, Monkey Goes West is an epic thrill ride that will take you from Haw Par Villa to Jurong West …

Taking The Subs


21 & 22 Nov 2014
Part musical, part punk retrospective, Taking the Subs is made for punks, by punks and with punks. Drawing inspiration from topics re tanging from Kuo Pao Kun …

The Way We Go


20 – 29 Nov 2014
The Way We Go follows Agatha Mao, former principal of the Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes, as she experiences the greatest loves of her life: Edmund, her intellectual partner, and Violet …

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