ITI Theatre Forum 2015

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

27 Jun 2015
The ITI forum brings together voices from Singapore’s diverse theatre-makers and cultural workers to share their work – past, present & future …

SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2015

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

26 – 28 Jun 2015
Drama jumps off the stage to reach out to the community at the SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2015 …

Another Country


25 Jun – 11 Jul 2015
50 years ago, Singapore and Malaysia divorced after a brief marriage of two years. But, doomed lovers that we are, we just can’t stay away from each other …

Playing before the play, actor training

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

22 – 26 Jun 2015
This workshop is addressed to anyone who is keen to become aware of the capacities and possibilities of the body and the voice to create and express in …

Playreading – Everything but the Brain


20 & 21 Jun 2015
This is a play about Time. About Physics. About stroke attacks. About Elaine and her father. Join us in this poignant tale that speaks of family relationships …



19 & 20 Jun 2015
Avant Theatre proudly presents Quarters, a theatrical extravaganza featuring a multicultural cast that will take audiences back to 1975 Singapore …

特别的爱给特别的你 Love, Just for You


8 & 9 Jun 2015
故事通过一位建国一代妇女的际遇,带出新加坡早期的动荡岁月如“玛丽亚种族暴乱事件”,日侵,私会党横行等等。剧中穿插了50至80年代令人怀念的金曲并纳入了一些历史性事件如油槽船爆炸,缆车意外等等 …

Acting 101

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

7 Jun 2015
Acting isn’t simply lying or personifying a fictional character or speaking certain lines. It is about consistent authentic and truthful interaction with the people around you …

24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2015

Literary Arts, Open Call, Theatre

6 – 7 Jun 2015
Known for its lush greenery and peaceful grounds, the IMH provides a serene and calm environment …

Fête Royale: Festivities at the Royal French Court by Doulce Mémoire

Festival, Performance Art, Theatre

6 Jun 2015
The French art of the fete reached its height with extravagant festivities during the time of Leonardo da Vinci …

Shakespeare 101: Monologues & Soliloquies

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

31 May 2015
Have you always been curious about William Shakespeare’s work? Ever wish you had a toolbox to help you understand and appreciate his…

Q: Protagonists at the Edge


27 – 30 May 2015
Taking off from the plays of Kuo Pao Kun and Lim Jen Erh, the ensemble questions, confronts and investigates their own responses, finally presenting it to the audience …

Ctrl+Alt+Del – a Playback Theatre performance


23 & 24 May 2015
We reboot our our computers. Ourselves. Our dreams. Our relationships. What is in our control? What can we delete?

The Vault: #3.1 In/Visibility


22 & 23 May 2015
In this series of three installations, the focus is brought to a theatre designer’s response to text. In the absence of a prescribed directorial vision …



22 May – 7 Jun 2015
Sweet, silent Billy feels like an outsider in his own family. Billy, you see, happens to be deaf. Dad: first class academic, world class ass; Mum: mystery novelist …

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