M1 华文小剧场节 Chinese Theatre Festival 2016: 《一桌二椅实验系列》 1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series

Festival, Theatre

4 – 7 Aug 2016
今年,我们再次邀请一群来自不同背景与领域的艺术同仁携手创作 …

30 July 2016 Open Rehearsal by Tapestry Playback Theatre


30 Jul 2016
Come join us to have a great time learning and playing. We will continue learning other short forms in Playback Theatre …

The Young Company Writing Programme

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

30 Jul – 19 Nov 2016 | Apply by 30 Jun
Always had a flair for writing? Often find yourself dreaming in acts and writing in scenes? If you are aged 17 – 25 and see yourself as the next Miller …

TheatreWorks 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2016

Literary Arts, Theatre

30 & 31 Jul 2016
Art, history and heritage come together to form an inspiring backdrop for TheatreWorks’ 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2016 …

M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival 2016

Festival, Theatre

23 – 30 Jul 2016
The festival seeks to fill a gap in the current landscape by providing a platform for young people in Singapore who are between the ages 13-25 to stage productions …

夜莺 Nightingale


23 & 24 Jul 2016

M1 华文小剧场节 Chinese Theatre Festival 2016: 《我要上天的那一晚》 Day I Met the Prince

Festival, Theatre

21 – 31 Jul 2016
法国文学名著《小王子》在已故戏剧大师郭宝崑的巧妙处理下,成就这部活泼生动的儿童剧目 …

M1 华文小剧场节 Chinese Theatre Festival 2016

Festival, Theatre

21 Jul – 14 Aug 2016

M1 华文小剧场节 Chinese Theatre Festival 2016: 《水是枯竭》 fleet

Festival, Theatre

21 – 31 Jul 2016
三位创作者导演刘晓义、香港编剧潘诗韵和演员梁晓端,将以沉静的诗意美学,叙述一段关于相遇、关于离别、关于生命的心灵独白 …

Writing From The Heart – A playwriting workshop by Tony Perez

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

18 – 23 Jul 2016
These workshops comprise a series of interactive hands-on exercises designed to enable participants to discover their inner self and creativity …

Preparing to Act – From Contradiction by Alberto Ruiz Lopez (a.k.a Beto)

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

16 Jul 2016
This workshop teaches the fundamentals required for acting using the idea of Contradiction as a core of training …

Every Singaporean Daughter


15 – 17 Jul 2016
An original play inspired by crowdsourced stories, Every Singaporean Daughter tells the untold story of gender as young Singaporeans experience it …

Celebrate Drama! 2016

Festival, Theatre

15 & 16 Jul 2016
Celebrate Drama! 2016, everyone’s favourite youth and community drama festival is back with 10 workshops, performances and a theatre open house from the best in Singapore theatre …

Life’s A Stage《戏子情》

Dance, Theatre

15 & 16 Jul 2016
Life’s A Stage is inspired by the story of a local Chinese street opera troupe in the mid-twentieth century. Overflowing with love, friendship and betrayal, it unfolds the story …

Handle With Care


14 & 15 Jul 2016
Handle With Care is an original piece that explores the ideas of growing up and branching out. Using elements of physicality, multimedia and live music, the performers share with us their real stories …

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