Something Very Far Away


3 – 6 Oct 2014
Something Very Far Away is a moving tale that uses puppetry, music, sound and live animation to create a unique and beautiful performance that will enchant children …

The Beaux Stratagem


3 & 4 Oct 2014
In true Paparazzi and restoration tradition, The Beaux Stratagem promises many laughs with side-splitting wisecracks and physical humour…

Turn By Turn We Turn


2 – 12 Oct 2014
Turn By Turn We Turn is a sweeping epic about the lives and fates of members in a traditional Chinese hand puppetry troupe from 1920s China to present day …

LakiBini 2.0


2 – 4 Oct 2014
The beauty of a relationship is how real and honest it is. LakiBini 2.0 aims to explore the honesty in all aspects a marriage should be. No manual is needed for men to …

Maybe If


27 & 28 Sep 2014
Maybe if I remembered. Maybe if I forgot. Maybe if I said something. Maybe if I had not… Watch and listen as your stories come to life with movement, word, music and cloth!



26 & 27 Sep 2014
Medea is burning. Medea is Ruby Jayaseelan, Chad O’Brien, Farah Ong and Jo Tan. They play Medea. Directed by Tan Shou Chen and created using Euripedes’ Medea …

Childhood Memories: Dialect Nursery Rhymes and Classic Children Songs


25 & 26 Sep 2014
Nursery rhymes are often created by adults after observing the way children think and act …

The Vault 1.1 – Nineteen Sixty-Four


22 Sep 2014
Nora Samosir, Serene Chen, Casey Lim and Robin Loon investigates the texts of When Smiles are Done (Goh Poh Seng) and A White Rose at Midnight (Lim Chor Pee) …

Moksha Festival 2014

Festival, Theatre

22 – 27 Sep 2014
Avant Theatre celebrates the glory of the Mahabharatha, one of the greatest Indian epics to have ever graced civilization, through our inaugural Moksha Festival …

“Triple Threats” Musical Theatre Workshop – Open Call

Open Call, Talk/Workshop, Theatre

Now – 23 Oct 2014
The workshop aims to nurture young talents with “triple threats” in acting, singing and dancing …

Operation Theatre 5: Atlas Unbound


19 & 20 Sep 2014
Set in the land of the rising sun, OT5 is the tale of a man seeking to honor his family by finishing the quest his dying father bestows upon him – a journey that will take …

BOTH SIDES, NOW – Living with Dying

Theatre, Zabbalang

19 – 21 & 26 – 28 Sep 2014
BOTH SIDES, NOW is an immersive arts experience that creates opportunities for the public to think about issues of life and death …

Holiday in my Head


18 – 28 Sep 2014
Christmas comes early this year with Holiday in my Head – a collection of eight whimsical short plays by award-winning playwright & director Dean Lundquist …

Lucky Stiff


18 – 20 Sep 2014
Lucky Stiff is a mad-cap murder-mystery comedy that involves a mild-mannered show clerk, Harry Witherspoon, who has the chance to inherit a fortune if he goes on a holiday …

Eclipse – Book Launch

Literary Arts, Theatre

12 Sep 2014
Eclipse takes an intimate glimpse into the historical partition of India and Pakistan through the eyes of three generations of men, as they embark upon journeys …

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