From Scratch 2015


20 – 22 Mar 2015
15 Short One Act Plays, 5 Different Reads each night. Written by youths, acted by youths and directed by the young at heart.



20 & 21 Mar 2015
This play is about fighting. Does the hero fight so that tender hands seek out his or her inflicted wounds? Tears come after blood and sweat. And perhaps they can …

SHAKTI: Women Behaving Badly – Tales from Indian Folklore


20 Mar 2015
Storyteller Kamini Ramachandran explores how the ‘bad girls’ in traditional Indian folk tales dealt with fear, sexuality, relationships …

Power, Sex & Success


19 – 21 Mar 2015
The triplebill features How He Lied To Her Husband by George Bernard Shaw, The Private Ear by Peter Shaffer, and One For The Road by Harold Pinter – - three intimate plays rich in textual play …

Drama Camps this March Holiday!

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

16 – 20 Mar 2015
Nothing to do this school holiday? Join us this March as we explore theatre in a Journey to Space! Devise a plot, cast a play, design costumes, create a set …



8 & 15 Mar 2015
Who would you rather have? The father or the child? (gift) shows a journey where two mothers fight against their own weaknesses – divorce and miscarriage …

Titoudao 剃头刀


5 – 15 Mar 2015
Titoudao is inspired by the real life story of Chinese street opera actress, Madam Oon Ah Chiam; a petite lady with big dreams. Through her struggles – including poverty …

Calvet 2015/2016

Literary Arts, Open Call, Talk/Workshop, Theatre

Now – 28 Feb 2015
Calvet is a 12-month mentorship programme to ensure the sustainable development of young and emerging Tamil language writers …

TOP Showcase 1


27 Feb – 1 Mar 2015
This year, The Necessary Stage (TNS) launched The Orange Playground (TOP), a creative research and development programme for emerging and established artists …

Three Inches of Alive


26 Feb – 21 Mar 2015
Born to an English father and a Malay mother, Leila ‘Anjung’ Keats is an unprecedented figure in local history and considered to be one of the pioneers of Malaya …


Open Call, Theatre

23 – 28 Feb 2015
Teater Ekamatra is looking for actors of all ages, races, genders, heights and weights for our shows (and film) this year!



13 – 15 Feb 2015
Set in an alternate timeline, an epidemic reaches Singapore’s shores. Infected and trapped in his own body, Damien Pang is forced to face ghosts of his past …


Talk/Workshop, Theatre

8 Feb 2015

伪君子 Tartuffe


4 – 8 Feb 2015
家里所有的人 – 妻子、儿子、女儿、妹妹,甚至是佣人,都知道 Tartuffe “虔诚”的外表后面,隐藏着一副虚伪的嘴脸,只有 Orgon 仍然被信念蒙蔽了双眼。为此,家人伤透脑筋。如何让狐狸露出尾巴?如何让众人看清真相?

社会支柱 The Pillars of Society by Henrik Ibsen


3 & 4 Feb 2015
故事发生在挪威沿海的一座小城里。卡斯滕·博尼克是一名成功的的资本家,经营着一份历史悠久的家传造船和航运产业,是整个小镇的经济命脉。最近,这位广受尊敬的商人开始筹划他最具野心的一桩生意 …

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