小蝌蚪找妈妈 • Looking For Mama (Re-Run)


12 & 13 Sep 2014
猴纸剧坊另一部新作(重演) –《小蝌蚪找妈妈》将以人偶同台的呈现方式,为孩子们讲述小蝌蚪们在找妈妈的过程中,闹出了多少笑话,又遇到了多少艰难险阻。

Sejarah Melayu – Discovering The Malay Annals

Festival, Literary Arts, Music, Talk/Workshop, Theatre

12-13 Sep 2014
In celebration of the Sejarah Melayu or the Malay Annals, we probe and delve into the famous Malay classical text in a…

Bukit Merah – The Musical


12 Sep 2014
Blood will flow and the land will be barren. Only a man who is courageous, wise and compassionate shall set the land from its curse..

Favourite Nursery Rhymes 阿嬤唱的童谣


7 Sep 2014
Go back to the basics and reacquaint yourself with nursery rhymes that Grandma used to recite to you when you were young …

Childhood Memories: Dialect Nursery Rhymes and Classic Children Songs 童年时光:方言童谣及经典儿歌


7 Sep 2014
Walk down memory lane and and reacquaint yourself with nursery rhymes …

Citizens’ Reviews – Open Call

Open Call, Theatre

7 Sep – 6 Nov 2014
Citizens’ Reviews is a 12-month critical writing platform for anyone who is curious to learn how to document their opinions, thoughts; and pen their perspectives …

Living Room


6, 13 & 7, 14 Sep 2014
Living Room is an introspective look at the the tics of our body against the ticking of time as we journey with 4 siblings, each with a different story of their own to tell …

Kopisusu – A Concert Play


6 Sep 2014
A taste of Kopisusu charmed with a strong dash of jazz – 90 minutes of seamless concert play featuring memorable Nanyang flavoured songs …



5 & 6 Sep 2014
Fish is an experimental physical theatre performance that explores notions of freedom. Inspired by stories of fish, and taking cues from Asian dance, 70s hippie culture …

首届新加坡戏曲艺术节 Singapore Chinese Opera Festival 2014

Festival, Film, Talk/Workshop, Theatre

5 – 7, 12 – 14 Sep 2014
我们希望通过举办户外演出、艺术交流座谈会、图片展演、播映戏曲电影和举办戏曲工作坊等一系列活动,团结本地艺术团体精诚合作 …

Let’s Get Back Together


2 – 5 Sep 2014
Based on interviews conducted with over 50 brave and inspiring individuals, Let’s Get Back Together explores the realities that LGBT individuals face on a daily basis …

Book Riot


28 – 31 Aug 2014
Book Riot is set in a State where emotions are seen as a threat that are restricted and controlled. Where feelings for others aren’t even heard of and speech is not a right but a privilege …

No Substance


28 – 30 Aug 2014
The installation comprising of complex laboratory glassware mounted on copper pipes is a continuation of Zul’s first-phase exhibition at Yeo Workshop in Gillman Barracks …

Eulogy Project I: Muah Chee Mei and Me


28 – 30 Aug 2014
In line with Potluck Production’s philosophy of sharing, audience members (a maximum of 30 per show) are seated around a table and invited to be …

young & W!LD 2014 – Little Riots and Other Stories


28 – 30 Aug 2014
Unfolding via two sets of intimately intertwined monologues crafted by the performers themselves …

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