Acting 101 by Kamil Haque

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

21 Feb 2016
Acting 101 is a one-day workshop that provides broad-based and experiential insight to the actor’s world—formal techniques, systems, and training …

Writing styles and technniques in modern poetry

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

20 Feb 2016
This workshop will cast light on how modern poetry, contextualises the contemporary themes of war, terrorism, environmentalism and…

Specialist Tour: 800,000 years of Design


5 Feb & 4 Mar 2016
Design is often associated with something new, trendy and beautiful. By carefully observing a design piece, we discover that it also meaningfully responds …

A Lighter Side of History: Chinese New Year Customs & Taboos


30 Jan 2016
Many traditional Chinese New Year customs are still practised by Singaporeans to this day. Well-wishes for one another …

Twilight Tales #5 – Dave Chua

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

30 Jan 2016
Author of Gone Case, a gritty coming-of-age tale seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy living in an HDB estate will talk about the creative processes behind his works…

Finding Success on Your Publishing Journey

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

29 Jan 2016
If you are an aspiring, first-time or emerging author and find the myriad of publishing options confusing and ultimately frustrating for you, you are not alone …

The Art Week Conversations – Indonesia: The Strongman Moves Forward

Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

25 Jan 2016
Indonesia has always been an area of intensive art activity …

Storystitchers – Art & Design Workshop: Drawing Stories into Visual Motifs

Open Call, Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

24 Jan & 28 Feb 2016
Interested to be part of a unique, collaborative work of art & design?

Tanjong Goodman 2016

Festival, Film, Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

23 Jan 2016
Pack your kids and grab your friends to Tanjong Goodman! This day-long art extravanganza will feature performances, video installations, short films …

Dance Appreciation 101: Site-Specific Dance

Dance, Talk/Workshop

23 Jan 2016
Follow dancer Tay Wei Liang as he demonstrates what site-specific dance is, using the spaces in the library@esplanade …

Discover The Storyteller Within You 1

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

23 Jan 2016
This is a workshop for the beginner adult storyteller. In this hands-on workshop, participants will become aware of their own skills as storytellers by creating …

The Art Week Conversations – Thailand: The Price of Selling Local

Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

23 Jan 2016
This conversation will discuss the dynamics of the Thai art market; who are the artists …

For A Sensuous Subtitling

Film, Talk/Workshop

22 Jan 2016
In 1999, Dr Markus Nornes, a leading scholar on Japanese cinema and theories of translation and subtitles, published the essay For an Abusive Subtitling …

Canvas & Mixes

Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

17 Jan 2016
Canvas & Mixes sets itself apart from regular art jamming activities as it seeks to further enhance one’s experience of art-making through gleaning insights from bite-size art exploration …

The Art Week Conversations – Singapore: Dressing for a New Stage

Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

16 Jan 2016
Gallerists and collectors share their minds about the growing art scene in Singapore …

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