Acting 101


19 Jul 2015
Suitable for both actors and non-actors, the workshop offers you an insight to the various immersive training, techniques and systems used by actors …

Is The Piano For My Child? Music Workshop

Music, Talk/Workshop

19 Jul 2015
Is your child starting to learn the piano or interested in it? Get them excited by bringing them to this workshop …

Off The Rails Again!

Festival, Music, Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

18 Jul 2015
We’re going Off The Rails Again! with a vibin’, family-friendly and interactive urban party! Artists from across the region …

Wonders of the Voice – Voice Acting Voice Over & Jingles Workshop


18 Jul 2015
Immerse yourself into interactive and engaging creative workshops – where you will get a hands-on or shall we say “voice-on” approach …

Advanced manuscript editing

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

13 Jul 2015
In this masterclass, we’ll look at the techniques great writers use to recraft and finesse their work; then we’ll find those that work for us …

M1 华文小剧场节 Chinese Theatre Festival 2015: “客厅”里的小剧会 Interact – In the Living Room

Festival, Talk/Workshop, |M1CTF2015|

11 Jul 2015
两位杰出的剧场工作者将相互交流,分享他们在创作中的体验,探讨戏剧的审查制度和剧场之间的关系 …

M1 华文小剧场节 Chinese Theatre Festival 2015: 【后台】休息室 Green Room

Festival, Talk/Workshop, |M1CTF2015|

9 Jul – 2 Aug 2015
在表演地点附近的一个空间让创意人、表演者和观众相聚、交流和休息的空间 …

Devise and Improvise: Contemporary Theatre Workshops

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

6 Jul – 31 Aug 2015
This course is for adults aged 18 years and over who want to develop their performance skills and explore different ways of creating theatre …

Theatre Incubator For Teens – The Audition


4 Jul – 22 Aug 2015
The Audition module teaches young actors how to best prepare for an audition. Techniques, particularly those of Michael Shurtleff, will be taught to …

Scene Study: Honing Your Craft


2 Jul – 20 Aug 2015
No matter where you are in your acting craftsmanship, actors are always in search of a fresh pair of eyes to help them grow and shape their skills …

The Production House: Web-Series Production


1 Jul – 19 Aug 2015
In this workshop, participants will bring previously written scripts as a series of 3-5 minute webisodes. The entire season of the Zombie Survivor Network …



30 Jun – 18 Aug 2015
Improvisation breeds confidence, stimulates the imagination and enables actors to see possibilities inherent in a scene, to create and act out situations spontaneously …

Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting (Introduction)


29 Jun – 17 Aug 2015
Recommended for actors and non-actors, this 8-week workshop introduces the concepts and practice of Strasberg’s relaxation and sense memory …

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