Avant Workshop Series

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

15 – 23 Nov 2014
A first in Tamil theatre, this workshop series is creatively designed & developed by one of the acclaimed theatre director and Mediacorp Vasantham’s …

A Naiise Christmas Pop-Up

Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts, Zabbalang

15 Nov – 24 Dec 2014
Our way of thanking the community for their support this year and continuing to make design accessible through a fun…



8 Nov 2014
Find out from thought leaders in art and science how digital photography informs how we perceive images today, and whether new approaches are shifting …

Flash Fiction Writing

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

8 Nov 2014
Drawing from his experience in writing two flash fiction collections, he will introduce writing exercises that hone your writing to that fine, precise edge…

Stories with 5 Senses + Emotion

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

1 Nov 2014
In this workshop for adult writers or illustrators, you will become aware of your senses when creating stories. Learn how to pay attention to your five senses …

In the Living Room with Michael Chiang

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

30 Oct 2014
With casual chit-chat and open conversations, we go beyond the playwright and his plays to uncover and re-frame themes, obvious and obscure …

Directors’ Lab Sharing Session


29 – 31 Oct 2014
Join Tan Shou Chen, Agnes Christina, Tan Liting, Eng Kai Er, Pat Toh, and Tim Nga as they talk about tackling the final phase of their 18-month residency …

Korean Traditional Dance Introductory Course

Dance, Talk/Workshop

25 Oct, 1, 8 & 15 Nov 2014
This four week introductory course will introduce students to fundamental movements with the body, hand and feet …

For the Record: Pat Metheny – The Kid from Kansas City

Music, Talk/Workshop

19 Oct 2014
Dr Makarome discusses Metheny’s music and brings listeners on a journey, discovering the evolution of Metheny’s musical voice …

Dialogic Reading

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

18 Oct 2014
Dialogic reading is more than reading aloud by adults to children. It emphasises the discussion that takes place between children and adults, as well as among children …

Being Behold: Notes on Recent Performances, An Artist Talk by Loo Zihan


17 Oct 2014
In 2014, Zihan collaborated with Swiss collective Thom Truong and French choreographer Xavier Le Roy …

Musical Theatre Acting (Introduction)

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

16 Oct – 4 Dec 2014
This course will provide you with individual coaching on the basics of musical theatre acting in an open, supportive, small group environment …

Acting on Camera (Introduction)

Film, Talk/Workshop

15 Oct – 3 Dec 2014
This is the first of a two part workshop series designed to introduce actors to the business, technique and practice of working on and behind the camera …

Scene Study: Honing Your Craft


14 Oct – 2 Dec 2014
The scene study workshop is a collaborative forum in a safe environment free from professional expectations, where actors can fearlessly tackle their craft …

Theatre Appreciation 101: with Sharda Harrison

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

12 Oct 2014
Meet Sharda Harrison, an artist-mentor at the recent O.P.E.N., nominee for the 2014 Life! Theatre Best Supporting Actress Award …

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