Sejarah Melayu – Discovering The Malay Annals

Festival, Literary Arts, Music, Talk/Workshop, Theatre

12-13 Sep 2014
In celebration of the Sejarah Melayu or the Malay Annals, we probe and delve into the famous Malay classical text in a…

Film Scoring – Portraits in Music

Music, Talk/Workshop

7 Sep 2014
The most iconic films have always had the perfect partners in their film scores. Delve into the intimate, yet often understated …

MadNest #EatDrinkArt Finale Art & Craft Workshop

Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

7 Sep 2014
The #EatDrinkArt exhibition at Mad Nest is wrapping up on a joyous note, and everyone is invited to come and take part …

首届新加坡戏曲艺术节 Singapore Chinese Opera Festival 2014

Festival, Film, Talk/Workshop, Theatre

5 – 7, 12 – 14 Sep 2014
我们希望通过举办户外演出、艺术交流座谈会、图片展演、播映戏曲电影和举办戏曲工作坊等一系列活动,团结本地艺术团体精诚合作 …

Curatorial Roundtable 02 | Dis-positions: Between Artistic Practice and Curatorial Practice

Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

4 Sep 2014
While the debate on the intersections between the artist and the curator continues …

Meet the Writer-In-Residence: Josephine Chia

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

30 Aug 2014
Gardens by the Bay welcomes aspiring writers to have an opportunity to meet with our current Writer-In-Residence …

Building your students’ strengths in narrative writing

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

30 Aug 2014
Drawing from his vast experience as a writer, Felix Cheong will introduce strategies to help you help your students …

For the Record: Herbie Hancock

Music, Talk/Workshop

30 Aug 2014
Herbie Hancock’s influence on music is immense. He is admired for his prowess as a pianist, prolificacy as a composer and overall relentless pursuit …

Between Us – Yellowren Arts Festival 2014 (Singapore Segment)

Dance, Festival, Music, Talk/Workshop, Visual Arts

29 – 31 Aug 2014
Fringe activities and a three-day holistic art experience which brings local artists …

Let’s Talk! – Advocating the Arts: Who Cares?


26 Aug 2014
Come listen and speak up on matters that affect you and the arts in Singapore! Let’s Talk!, our annual dialogue session with the arts community, is back …

For the Record: Arturo Sandoval

Music, Talk/Workshop

24 Aug 2014
A protégé of the legendary jazz master Dizzy Gillespie, Arturo Sandoval emerged from Cuba to become a 10-time Grammy Award winner and six-time Billboard Award winner …

So you think you can’t draw?

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

23 Aug 2014
This is a workshop for adults who think they can’t draw or who would like to explore different media to illustrate stories …


Talk/Workshop, Theatre

23 Aug – 11 Oct 2014
This workshop works with individuals to create thematically engaging unscripted scenes. This workshop is suitable for actors and non-actors …

Scene Study Workshop

Talk/Workshop, Theatre

18 Aug – 6 Oct 2014
Every actor has his or her own specific individual learning curve. The scene study workshop is a collaborative forum in a safe environment free from professional expectations …

Engaging hearts and minds: storytelling for values education

Literary Arts, Talk/Workshop

16 Aug 2014
Learn about why storytelling is a good means of transmitting values, the types of stories suitable for storytelling…

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